Here’s a patch from Detachment 1, 69th Reconnaissance Group (Det 1, 69 RG) located at Andersen AFB, Guam.  The unit flies the RQ-4B Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).  This photo was take by USAF photographers as the unit prepared to shift operations to Misawa AB, Japan for the typhoon season. The patch, worn on the pilot’s right shoulder, features a hawk gazing downward as indicated by the yellow area.  Since the Global Hawk has a reconnaissance mission and operates from high altitudes, “Silent Hunter” is an appropriate moniker.  Unlike other units, Det 1, 69 RG elected to only use “Detachment 1” rather than the full unit designation.  This is a fully embroidered, cut edge patch.

Here’s a close-up:

[The original image may be found at:]

And here’s one of the patches from my personal collection:

Prior to Det 1, 69 RG, Andersen Global Hawk operations were conducted by Detachment 3, 9th Operations Group (Det 3, 9 OG). Det 3, 9 OG used the same patch design except with “Detachment 3” in place of “Detachment 1”.  Here’s a copy of that patch from my personal collection: