Anyone can view the patches in the Gallery, but only registered users may post images to the Gallery. To register, go the registration page. You must agree to all the terms and conditions in order to become a registered user. All uploaded images will be reviewed and approved by the Webmaster before they actually appear in the Gallery which may take up to four (4) weeks since the Webmaster does this in his spare time.

Please follow the guidelines listed below for uploading a patch. By uploading a patch, you have agreed to follow the guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your upload(s) being deleted and may result in a suspension of your gallery user account.

  1. Please ensure you are the rightful owner of the patch image and that you did not obtain it from another website or source. If you got the image from another website or source, DO NOT upload it!
  2. Prior to uploading a patch, use the Gallery Search to verify that the exact patch is not already pictured in the Gallery. If the exact patch is already pictured, do not upload it. Variations of existing patches in the Gallery are welcomed.

Uploading Images Step by Step Directions

The instructions ensure the standardization of information in the gallery and the search-ability of that information. By following them, you help the Webmaster ensure fellow collectors can quickly and easily use this site.

1. Please ensure you are logged-in.

2. On the main gallery page, click Upload Filelocated in the menu above the gallery.

3. A new screen should appear to upload files.

4. On the upload screen accomplish the following:

  • In the “Album” section choose the correct album from the drop-down box.
  • In the “Use file name as title” section leave it unchecked.
  • In the “Files” section you have two options. Option 1 is to select “Choose File”, browse to the location where your file(s) are and select them and click the “Upload” button. Option 2 is you can open up the file browser on your device, select the file(s) and drag and drop them on the box that says “Or drop files here”.

5. After you have filled-in all appropriate fields, hit the UPLOAD FILE button.

Unit or Other Designation: Please spell out the full unit or other designation; do not use any abbreviations in this field. If the patch is not from a unit, please enter the most correct designation. The unit or other designation should have the first letter of each word capitalized with the remainders of the letters lower case. For numerical designations, use the number followed by the appropriate ordinal (i.e. – st, d, rd, th). Please note that “d” is used instead of “rd”.  Here are some examples:

123d Tactical Fighter Wing
234th Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron
F-16 Fighting Falcon
184th Fighter Squadron Operation ENDURING FREEDOM

Description: You may add additional information about the patch here. Items such as the emblem significance statement or information on the time period the patch comes from are highly encouraged.

Keywords: Leave blank.

Inscription: Type ALL words, phrases and numbers exactly as they appear on the patch to include capitalization and punctuation. If the patch has no inscription, please type “[NONE]“. Examples:

91st Operatons Group BULLY! WE DELIVER!

Location: Spell out the full name of the base and the state/country it is located. Please separate the base and the state/country with a comma. Leave the section blank if the patch is not associated with a particular base. Standard abbreviations may be used for the type of installation (e.g. — AB, AFB, AFS, ARS, AS, JB, NAS, RAF, SFB or SFS); otherwise do not use abbreviations. Examples:

McChord AFB, Washington
RAF Chicksands, England, United Kingdom
Fort Smith Regional Airport, Arkansas
Homestead ARB, Florida
Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport ARS, Minnesota
JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
Peterson SFB, Colorado
Fort George G. Meade, Maryland
NAS Signonella, Italy

Elements: Leave blank, for future use.

Sources: For patches associated with a unit, if the unit it came from is not obvious please explain how you determined the unit in this section. For example, “obtained from the unit.”

6. After you have filled-in all appropriate fields, hit the APPLY CHANGES button.  When the page refreshes you should see under the Information header, “changes successfully saved”.

7. That’s it! Repeat the process for the remaining patches you have to upload.  Thanks for participating in the Gallery!