This section is intended to provide collectors, from beginning to expert, a one-stop shop explaining all the different facets of USAF patch collecting. This information provided is based on the Webmaster’s 30+ years of experience as well as information from other collectors and sources. While the Webmaster strives to provide accurate and sourced information, this does not preclude inaccurate information from occasionally getting posted. ¬†Please feel free to contact the Webmaster if you find inaccurate information and provide details so it can be corrected.

Anatomy of a Patch

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How Patches are Made

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Care and Cleaning

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Links to patch collecting shows and conventions

Collector Organizations

List of organizations and associations that specialize or include USAF patch collecting.


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Fakes and Reproductions

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Trading Patches

General guidelines for trading patches

Forums, Discussion Boards and Social Media

Places to discuss USAF patch collecting

Where to Buy Patches

Sources to purchase USAF patches