The following are collector associations/organizations that specialize or include patch USAF collecting. If you are aware of any additional organizations that should be added to this page, please contact the webmaster.

American Society of Military Insignia Collectors

American Society of Military Insignia Collectors

The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors, commonly known as ASMIC, is one of the oldest and largest organizations of military insignia collectors in the world.  Founded in 1937 by a small group of enthusiastic collectors, it is chartered under Ohio law and recognized as non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.  The Society is “home” today to 2,000 dedicated collectors in the United States and foreign nations.  Whether an individual is an experienced or beginning collector shoulder sleeve and distinctive unit insignia (patches and DIs), rank insignia, wings, decorations and awards (medals), elite forces emblems, cap badges, specialty markings, or of simply information on heraldry and the symbolism of heraldic devices, membership in ASMIC has many advantages.

ASMIC publishes a quarterly journal entitled The Trading Post and a Newsletter. The Trading Post contains a wealth of information on all aspects of U. S. and foreign military insignia. It includes articles from members, illustrations of old and new emblems as well as an occasional color section depicting American or foreign insignia. Unidentified Insignia are covered in a separate column in The Trading Post

The Newsletter brings word of insignia and dress items for trade or sale via classified and display ads. Society members rely on the Newsletter to advertise for insignia they wish to include in their collections and for announcements of regional and national insignia and militaria shows.

The ASMIC Reference Library contains almost 1000 items available for loan to members. These publications range from back issues of The Trading Post to major reference works published by our members and other militaria experts. The Library also includes many journals from other militaria societies for use by our members

Over the years, ASMIC has produced more than 20,000 black and white line drawings of military insignia, along with detailed descriptions of the insignia and known variations. Most of these drawings are available in our Distinctive Insignia or Cloth Patch catalogs, available to the general public and, at a discounted price, to ASMIC members.

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Ohio Valley Military Society

Ohio Valley Military Society

The Ohio Valley Military Society is one the oldest and largest Militaria collector’s clubs in the world with over 2,000 current members.

The primary endeavor of the Society is to promote the study and collecting of historic military artifacts by sponsoring three regularly scheduled shows a year in the Ohio Valley area.

The Ohio Valley Military Society is an Ohio corporate Society the sponsors exhibitions and educational shows where military artifacts and regalia can be bought, sold, or traded.

The society promotes the study and the discussion of military history, military artifacts, and their provenance through the collecting of military items.

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