The following table contains over 1800 abbreviations and acronyms that are in use or have been used by the United States Air Force and/or its predecessor organizations. This table is comprehensive, but by no means complete.  To the greatest extent possible, the abbreviations and acronyms have been verified against official USAF source documents. When the source for a particle abbreviation or acronym has been verified, a number appears in the source column denoting which publication it was verified against. The list of sources can be found at the end of the table below.

Please be aware that when you are using this table to identify inscriptions on patches that many abbreviations or acronyms may have more than one meaning. In some cases, those additional meanings are not listed in this table. Further research may be required to determine the appropriate abbreviation/acronym that applies to a specific patch.

If you know of additional abbreviations or acronyms that are not listed here, please contact me to get it added to the table. When submitting an abbreviation or acronym, please provide a source document if at all possible.

A1Personnel Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A2Intelligence Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A2SGE-3 Airborne Warning and Control System and Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems Group7
A3Operations Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A4Logistics Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A5Plans Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A6Communications Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A7Installations and Mission Support Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A8Programs and Financial Management Directorate (Office Symbol)4
A9Analysis and Assessments Directorate (Office Symbol)4
AAC1. Alaskan Air Command
2. Air Armament Center
1, 5
4, 7
AACS1. Airborne Air Control Squadron
2. Airway and Air Communications Service
5, 6
AADCArea Air Defense Commander4
AAFArmy Air Field 
AAFESArmy & Air Force Exchange Service1, 7
AAG1. Aeromedical Airlift Group
2. Aerospace Applications Group
AAISSAir-to-Air International Support Squadron7
AAMRLHarry G Armstrong Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory1
AAMSWAir-to-Air Missile Systems Wing7
AASAeromedical Airlift Squadron1
AASGArea Attack Systems Group7
AASSAging Aircraft Systems Squadron7
AATC1. Air National Guard/Air Force Reserves Test Center
2. Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve Command Test Center
AATTCAdvanced Airlift Tactical Training Center 
AAVSAerospace Audiovisual Service1
AAWAeromedical Airlift Wing1
ABAir Base5
ABBAmerican Band in Blue7
ABFAir Base Flight1, 6
ABGAir Base Group1, 2, 6
ABGPAir Base Group Provisional1
ABNCPAirborne Command Post 
ABOSAir Base Operability Squadron1
ABRONAir Base Squadron 
ABSAir Base Squadron1, 2, 4, 6
ABWAir Base Wing1, 2, 6
AC&W SqAircraft Control and Warning Squadron 
AC130SSAC-130 Systems Squadron7
AC2ISRCAerospace Command and Control and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Center 
ACAAirspace Control Authority4
ACCAir Combat Command3, 4, 7
ACCAOSAir Combat Command Air Operations Squadron7
ACCCAerospace Communications Command Center7
ACCCESAir Combat Command Civil Engineer Squadron7
ACCCONSAir Combat Command Contracting Squadron7
ACCCPSAir Combat Command Contract Program Squadron7
ACCEAir Component Coordination Element 
ACCHAQAir Combat Command Heartland of America Band7
ACCHOAAir Combat Command Heritage of America Band7
ACCIGSAir Combat Command Inspection Squadron7
ACCLSGAir Combat Command Logistics Support Group7
ACCMEFAir Combat Command Management Engineering Flight7
ACCSAirborne Command and Control Squadron1, 2, 6
ACCSASAir Combat Command Studies and Analyses Squadron7
ACCTRSSAir Combat Command Training Support Squadron7
ACCWAirborne Command and Control Wing1
ACDAirlift Communications Division1
ACEAccelerated Co-Pilot Enrichment 
ACEVALAir Combat Evaluation 
ACF1. Air Combat Fighter
2. Air Control Flight
3. Analysis, Correlation and Fusion

ACGAir Control Group2, 6
ACICAeronautical Chart and Information Center5
ACOMMWAerospace Communications Wing1
ACOMS1. Air and Space Communications Squadron
2. Air Communications Squadron
ACONSAerospace Control Squadron1
ACOSAir and Space Communications Operations Squadron6
ACS1. Air Commando Squadron
2. Air Control Squadron
3. Airman Classification Squadron

2, 6
ACSCAir Command and Staff College1, 7
ACSGAircraft Sustainment Group6
ACSQAirborne Communications Squadron1
ACSSAircraft Sustainment Squadron6
ACSSGAir Combat Support Systems Group7
ACSSS1. Agile Combat Support Systems Squadron
2. Aircraft Sustainment Support Squadron
ACSSWAgile Combat Support Systems Wing7
ACTAerial Combat Tactics4
ACWAir Control Wing2, 6
ACWFAircraft Control and Warning Flight1
ACWGAircraft Control and Warning Group1
ACWRONAircraft Control and Warning Squadron 
ACWSAircraft Control and Warning Squadron1
AD1. Air Division
2. Armament Division
ADASAir Defense Aggressor Squadron 
ADC1. Aerospace Defense Command
2. Air Defense Command
ADCOMAerospace Defense Command 
ADCOMRAerospace Defense Command Region1
ADCRAerospace Defense Command Region7
ADFAerospace Data Facility 
ADGAir Defense Group1
ADGPAircraft Delivery Group1
ADMSAir Defense Missile Squadron1
ADOCAir Defense Operations Center1, 7
ADOSAeromedical Dental Squadron6
ADS1. Air Defense Sector
2. Air Defense Squadron
3. Air Defense Squadron (SAGE)
2, 6
ADTACAir Defense Tactical Air Command 
ADWAir Defense Wing1
AEAeromedical Evacuation3, 4
AEAGAir Expeditionary Advisory Group 
AEASAir Expeditionary Advisory Squadron 
AEASSAirborne Electronic Attack Systems Squadron7
AECTAeromedical Evacuation Control Team 
AEDAir Expeditionary Detachment4
AEDCArnold Engineering Development Center1, 5, 6
AEF1. Aeromedical Evacuation Flight
2. Air Expeditionary Force
3. Air and Space Expeditionary Force
AEFCAir Expeditionary Force Center4
AEG1. Aeromedical Evacuation Group
2. Air Expeditionary Group
1, 6
2, 4
AEMSArmament Electronic Maintenance Squadron1
AERODFAerospace Defense Flight1
AERODSAerospace Defense Squadron1
AERODWAerospace Defense Wing1
AEROISAerospace Intelligence Squadron1
AEROSGAerospace Support Group1
AEROSSAerospace Support Squadron1
AES1. Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
2. Air Expeditionary Squadron
1, 2, 6
AESGAeromedical Systems Group6
AESSAeronautical Systems Group6
AESWAeronautical Systems Wing6
AETCAir Education and Training Command3, 4, 6
AETCBAETC Band of the West7
AETCCONSAETC Contracting Squadron7
AETCCSSAETC Computer Systems Squadron7
AETCMEFAETC Management Engineering Flight7
AETCSAFAETC Studies and Analysis Flight7
AETCTSSAETC Training Support Squadron7
AETF1. Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force
2. Air Expeditionary Task Force

AEW1. Air Expeditionary Wing
2. Airborne Early Warning

AFAir Force1, 5, 7
AF-CIOChief Information Officer of the Air Force7
AFAAAir Force Audit Agency1, 7
AFABSAir Force Arctic Broadcasting Squadron1
AFACAirborne Forward Air Control4
AFAFCAir Force Accounting and Finance Center1, 5
AFALAir Force Astronautics Laboratory1
AFALCAir Force Acquisition Logistics Center1
AFAMRLAir Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory 
AFAPLAir Force Aero-Propulsion Laboratory1, 6
AFATLAir Force Armament Laboratory1
AFBAir Force Base4, 5
AFBCAAir Force Base Conversion Agency7
AFBMDAir Force Ballistic Missile Division5
AFBSAir Force Broadcasting Service1, 7
AFC2ISRCAir Force Command and Control, & Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Center7
AFCAAAF Cost Analysis Agency7
AFCACAir Force Computer Acquisition Center1
AFCARAAir Force Civilian Appellate Review Agency1, 7
AFCCAir Force Communications Command1
AFCCDDAir Force Command and Control Development Division5
AFCC OTECAir Force Communications Command Operational Test and Evaluation Center1
AFCEAir Force Civil Engineer1, 7
AFCEEAF Center for Environmental Excellence7
AFCENT1. Air Forces Central
2. Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO
AFCESAAF Civil Engineer Support Agency7
AFCESAAAF Civil Engineer Studies and Analyses Agency7
AFCHOUSAF Historical Division Liaison Office5
AFCIPAir Force Center for International Programs1
AFCLCAir Force Contract Law Center1
AFCMCAir Force Contract Maintenance Center1
AFCMDAir Force Contract Management Division1
AFCMOAF Comptroller Magistrate Office7
AFCOLRAir Force Coordinating Office for Logistics Research1, 6
AFCOMACAir Force Combat Ammunition Center1
AFCOMPMETAir Force Comptroller Management Engineering Team1
AFCOMSAir Force Commissary Service1, 7
AFCOSAir Force Combat Operations Staff1, 7
AFCPMCAir Force Civilian Personnel Management Center1, 7
AFCSAir Force Communications Service 
AFCSAAir Force Center for Studies and Analysis1
AFCSCAir Force Cryptologic Support Center1
AFCSDOAir Force Communications-Computer Systems Doctrine Office1
AFCSSOAF Contingency Supply Support Office7
AFCSTCAir Force Cost Center1
AFDAir Force Depot5
AFDAAir Force Distribution Agency1
AFDAMETAir Force Data Automation Management Engineering Team1
AFDCAF Doctrine Center7
AFDCOAir Force Distribution Control Office1, 7
AFDDECAF Doctrine Development and Education Center7
AFDPRCAir Force Disaster Preparedness Resource Center1, 7
AFDTLAir Force Drug Testing Laboratory1
AFDWAir Force District of Washington1
AFDWAFOAir Force District of Washington Accounting and Finance Office1
AFEBSAir Force European Broadcasting Squadron1
AFECOAir Force Electronic Combat Office1
AFEDOAF Executive Dining Office7
AFEOCAir Force Emergency Operations Center1
AFERSOAF Executive Review Secretary Office7
AFESCAir Force Engineering and Services Center1
AFESMETAir Force Engineering and Services Management Engineering Team1
AFEWCAir Force Electronic Warfare Center1
AFFACAF Foreign Aerospace Center7
AFFDLAir Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory1, 7
AFFMAAF Frequency Management Agency7
AFFORAir Force Forces3, 4
AFFSAAir Force Flight Standards Agency7
AFFTCAir Force Flight Test Center1, 5, 7
AFGLAir Force Geophysics Laboratory1
AFGLSCAir Force Global Logistics Support Center 
AFGWCAir Force Global Weather Central1, 7
AFGSCAF Global Strike Command7
AFHRAAir Force Historical Research Agency7
AFHRLAir Force Human Resources Laboratory1
AFHRMSAF Human Resources Management School7
AFIAir Forces Iceland1
AFIA1. Air Force Inspection Agency
2. Air Force Intelligence Agency
AFIC1. Air Force Intelligence Center
2. Air Force Intelligence Command
AFIGACAir Force Inspector General Activities Center1
AFINTELMETAir Force Intelligence Management Engineering Team1
AFIOCAir Force Information Operations Center4, 7
AFIOHAir Force Institute for Operational Health7
AFIPSAAF International Programs Support Activity7
AFISCAir Force Inspection and Safety Center1
AFISRAAir Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency3, 4, 7
AFITAir Force Institute of Technology1, 7
AFIWCAir Force Information Warfare Center4, 7
AFJAGSAir Force Judge Advocate General School1, 7
AFLAir Force Lab 
AFLCAir Force Logistics Command1
AFLMAAF Logistics Management Agency7
AFLMCAir Force Logistics Management Center1
AFLOAAF Legal Operations Agency7
AFLOGMETAir Force Logistics Management Engineering Team1
AFLSAAF Legal Services Agency7
AFLSCAir Force Legal Services Center 
AFMAAF Manpower Agency7
AFMAINMETAir Force Maintenance Management Engineering Team 
AFMCAir Force Material Command3, 7
AFMC CEOAFMC Civil Engineer Office7
AFMC ISAF Materiel Command Intelligence Squadron7
AFMC TETO (P)AFMC Test and Evaluation Transformation Office (Provisional)7
AFMCCSOAFMC Computer Systems Office7
AFMCLSOAFMC Logistics Support Office7
AFMCOASAFMC Office of Aerospace Studies7
AFMCOPSOAFMC Operations Office7
AFMEAAir Force Management Engineering Agency1
AFMEDMETAir Force Medical Management Engineering Team1
AFMLAir Force Materials Laboratory1, 7
AFMLOAir Force Medical Logistics Office1, 7
AFMLOCAir Force Medical Logistics Operations Center4
AFMOAAF Medical Operations Agency7
AFMPCAir Force Military Personnel Center1
AFMPMETAir Force Manpower and Personnel Management Engineering Team1
AFMSAir Force Medical Service4
AFMSAAF Medical Support Agency7
AFMSOAir Force Mortuary Services Office1, 7
AFMTC1. Air Force Military Training Center
2. Air Force Missile Test Center
AFNSEPOAF National Security Emergency Preparedness Office7
AFNESPAir Force National Security Emergency Prepardness Agency4
AFNEWSAF News Agency7
AFNICAF Network Integration Center7
AFNOCAir Force Network Operations Center 
AFNORTH1. Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO
2. Air Forces Northern
AFNOSCAir Force Network Operations Security Center4
AFNWCAAF Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency7
AFOAAAF Office of Attache Affairs7
AFOATSAir Force Officer Accession Training Schools 
AFOCAir Force Operations Center1, 7
AFOGAir Force Operations Group4
AFOMS1. AF Occupational Measurement Squadron
2. Air Force Office of Medical Support
AFOPAAir Force Office of Public Affairs1, 7
AFOSIAir Force Office of Special Investigations1, 4, 7
AFOSIEAir Force Office of Special Investigations – Europe7
AFOSPAir Force Office of Security Police1
AFOSRAir Force Office of Scientific Research1, 7
AFOTECAir Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center1, 7
AFPAir Forces Panama7
AFPAAF Petroleum Agency7
AFPACAir Forces Pacific4
AFPBSAir Force Pacific Broadcasting Squadron1, 7
AFPCAir Force Personnel Center7
AFPEAir Force Planning Element1, 7
AFPEOAF Program Executive Office7
AFPMPMSAir Force Professional Manpower and Personnel Management School1
AFPOAAF Personnel Operations Agency7
AFPROAir Force Plant Representative Office1, 7
AFQIAF Quality Institute7
AFRATAir Force Radiation Assessment Team4
AFRBAAF Review Boards Agency7
AFRBOAir Force Review Boards Office1
AFRC1. Air Force Records Center
2. Air Force Reserve Command
4, 7
AFRCAFOAF Reserve Consolidated Accounting and Finance Off7
AFRCCAir Force Rescue Coordination Center1, 7
AFRCRMGAF Reserve Command Readiness Management Group7
AFRCRSQAir Force Reserve Central Recruiting Squadron6
AFREOAF Reserve Examing Office7
AFRERSQAir Force Reserve Eastern Recruiting Squadron6
AFRESAir Force Reserve1
AFRESGCRCAFRES Ground Combat Readiness Center7
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory4, 7
AFRMEFAF Reserve Management Engineering Flight7
AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps1, 5, 7
AFRPOAF Reserve Pay Office7
AFRRCSAF Reserve Recruiting Squadron7
AFRSAF Recruiting Services7
AFRWRSQAir Force Reserve Western Recruiting Squadron6
AFS1. Accounting and Finance Squadron
2. Air Force Station
AFSAAAF Studies and Analyses Agency7
AFSABAF Scientific Advisory Board7
AFSAC1. Air Force Special Activities Center
2. Air Force Security Assistance Center
AFSAMOAF Special Air Missions Office7
AFSATSAir Force Security Assistance Training Squadron 
AFSC1. Air Force Safety Center
2. Air Force Systems Command
AFSCFAir Force Satellite Control Facility 
AFSCICAir Force Systems Command Inspection Center1
AFSCNAir Force Satellite Control Network4
AFSEOAir Force Seek Eagle Office1, 7
AFSFCAir Force Security Forces Center 
AFSINCAir Force Service Information and News Center1
AFSLMOAF Senior Leadership Management Office7
AFSOAir Force Services Office1, 7
AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Command4, 7
AFSOCAOFAFSOC Air Operations Flight7
AFSOCASOSAFSOC Air Support Operations Squadron7
AFSOCCSFAFSOC Computer Systems Flight7
AFSOCECSFAFSOC Electronic Combat Support Flight7
AFSOCLSSAFSOC Logistics Support Squadron7
AFSOCMEFAFSOC Management Engineering Flight7
AFSOCSOSAFSOC Special Operations Squadron7
AFSODAir Force Special Operations Detachment4
AFSOFAir Force Special Operations Forces4
AFSOUTH1. Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO)
2. Air Forces Southern
1, 5, 7
AFSPAAF Security Police Agency7
AFSPACECOMAir Force Space Command1
AFSPACEICAir Force Space Command Inspection Center1
AFSPCAir Force Space Command3, 4, 7
AFSPCCEFAFSPC Civil Engineering Flight7
AFSPCCPOAFSPC Civilian Personnel Office7
AFSPCCSSAFSPC Computer System Squadron7
AFSPCIFAFSPC Intelligence Flight7
AFSPCOFAFSPC Operations Flight7
AFSPMETAir Force Security Police Management Engineering Team1
AFSSMETAir Force Special Staff Management Engineering Team1
AFSSTAir Force Space Support Team4
AFSTCAir Force Space Technology Center1
AFSVAAF Services Agency7
AFSWCAir Force Special Weapons Center5
AFTACAir Force Technical Applications Center1, 5, 7
AFTCOAir Force Telecommunications Certificate Office1
AFTCOEURAir Force Telecommunications Certificate Office Europe1
AFTCONWPAir Force Telecommunications Certificate Office Northwest Pacific1
AFTCOPACAir Force Telecommunications Certificate Office Pacific1
AFTCOSWPAir Force Telecommunications Certificate Office Southwest Pacific1
AFTRANSAir Forces Transportation7
AFVTGArmed Forces Vocational Testing Group1
AFWAAF Weather Agency7
AFWALAir Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories1
AFWLAir Force Weapons Laboratory1
AFY2KOAF Year 2000 Office7
AGAirlift Group2, 6
AGEAerospace Ground Equipment3, 4
Air-to-Ground International Support Squadron7
AGMCAerospace Guidance and Meteorology Center1
AGMSWAir-to-Ground Munitions Systems Wing7
AGOSAir Ground Operations School1, 6
AGOWAir Ground Operations Wing6
AGRSAggressor Squadron6
AGS1. Aircraft Generation Squadron
2. Air Guard Station
1, 2
AIAAir Intelligence Agency4, 7
AIGAir Intelligence Group2, 4, 6
AINTELGAir Intelligence Group1
AINTELSAir Intelligence Squadron1
AIRCENTAllied Air Forces, Central Europe (NATO)1, 5, 7
AIRNORTHAllied Air Forces, Northern Europe (NATO)1, 5, 7
AIRPFAir Postal Flight1, 6
AIRPSAir Postal Squadron1, 2
AIRSOUTHAllied Air Forces, Southern Europe (NATO)1, 5, 7
AIS1. Academic Instructor School
2. Air Intelligence Squadron
1, 7
2, 4, 6
AISFAirlift Industrial Services Flight1
AITSAircraft Intsrumentation Test Squadron6
AKADCOMRGNAlaskan ADCOM Region1, 7
ALAACSAlaskan Airways and Air Communications Service5
ALCAir Logistics Center4
ALCASAir Logistics Center Augmentation Squadron1
ALCFAirlift Control Flight1, 4
ALCMAir Launched Cruise Missile4
ALCOMAlaskan Command7
ALCSAirlift Control Squadron2, 6
ALCTAirlift Control Team4
ALDAirlift Division1
ALFAirlift Flight6
ALGAirlift Group 
ALISAlteration and Installatin Squadron6
ALLAirborne Laser Laboratory 
ALMCSAirlift Military Contract Support7
ALOAir Liaison Officer4
ALSAirlift Squadron 
ALSAAir Land Sea Application Center4
ALSGAirlift Support Group6
ALWAirlift Wing 
AMAAir Material Area5
AMARCAerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center1
AMARGAerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group6
AMC1. Air Material Command
2. Air Mobility Command
3, 4, 7
AMCAISAMC Air Intelligence Squadron7
AMCAOSAMC Air Operations Squadron7
AMCASCAir Material Command Aeronautical Systems Center5
AMCBMCAir Material Command Ballistic Missile Center5
AMCCESAMC Civil Engineer Squadron7
AMCCPOAMC Personnel Office7
AMCESCAir Material Command Electronic Systems Center5
AMCFSSAMC Financial Services Squadron7
AMCLSSAMC Logistics Support Squadron7
AMCMEFAMC Management Engineering Flight7
AMCOMSAir Mobility Communications Squadron2, 6
AMCSAir Mobility Control Squadron2, 6
AMCSAFAMC Studies and Analysis Flight7
AMCTAir Mobility Control Team4
AMCTACCAMC Tanker Airlift Control Center7
AMCTESAMC Test and Evaluation Squadron7
AMDAir Mobility Division4
AMDSAerospace Medicine Squadron2, 6
AMFEAAir Material Force, European Area5
AMFPAAir Material Force, Pacific Area5
AMGAir Mobility Group2, 6
AMLOAir Mobility Liaison Office4, 7
AMMSAir Mobility Maintenance Squadron2, 6
AMOCCAir Mobility Operations Control Center4
AMOGAir Mobility Operations Group2, 4, 6
AMOSAir Mobility Operations Squadron2, 4, 6
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile 
AMRLAerospace Medical Research Laboratory1
AMS1. Air Mobility Squadron
2. Avionics Maintenance Squadron
2, 4, 6
AMSGAir Mobility Support Group2, 6
AMSSAir Mobility Support Squadron2, 6
AMUAircraft Maintenance Unit3
AMWAir Mobility Wing2, 6
AMWCAir Mobility Warfare Center7
AMXGAircraft Maintenance Group6
AMXSAircraft Maintenance Squadron6
ANGAir National Guard1, 3, 4, 5, 7
ANG/AFRATFANG/AF Reserve Airlift Tactics Flight7
ANG/AFRTOANG/AF Reserve Test Office7
ANGBAir National Guard Base 
ANGRCAir National Guard Readiness Center7
ANGSAir National Guard Station 
ANGSCAir National Guard Support Center1
ANRAlaska NORAD Region4, 7
AOC1. Air Operations Center
2. Air and Space Operations Center
3, 6
AOG1. Air and Space Operations Group
2. Air Operations Group
2, 4
AORArea of Responsibility4
AOS1. Air and Space Operations Squadron
2. Air Operations Squadron
APCSAir Photgraphic and Charting Service5
APFAerial Port Flight1, 4
APGCAir Proving Ground Center5
APOEAerial Port of Embarkation1, 7
APSAerial Port Squadron1, 4, 6
AQGAcquisition Group6
ARBAir Reserve Base 
ARC1. Air Reserve Center
2. Air Reserve Component
ARCTAir Refueling Control Team4
ARDCAir Research and Development Command5
AREFGAir Refueling Group1
AREFSAir Refueling Squadron1
AREFWAir Refueling Wing1
ARESSAir Reserve Squadron2
ARFCOSArmed Forces Courier Service2
ARFFAir Reserve Forces Facility1, 7
ARGAir Refueling Group2, 6
ARIAAdvanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft 
ARPCAir Reserve Personnel Center1, 7
ARRCAir Reserve Records Center5
ARRGAerospace Rescue and Recovery Group1
ARRS1. Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
2. Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
ARRWAerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing1
ARS1. Air Rescue Service
2. Air Rescue Squadron
3. Air Refueling Squadron
4. Air Reserve Squadron
5. Air Reserve Station

2, 6
ARSGArmament Systems Group6
ARSSArmament Systems Squadron6
ARSWArmament Systems Wing6
ARTCCAir Route Traffic Control Center1, 7
ARTWAerospace Reconnaissance Technical Wing1
ARWAir Refueling Wing2, 4, 6
AS1. Aggressor Squadron
2. Air Station
3. Airlift Squadron

2, 6
ASCAeronautical Systems Center7
ASCSAir Command and Staff College 
ASDAeronautical Systems Division1
ASETFAir and Space Expeditionary Task Force 
ASFAeromedical Staging Flight1
ASG1. Air Support Group
2. Aircraft Sustainment Group
2, 6
ASOCSAir Support Operations Center Squadron1
ASOGAir Support Operations Group1, 2, 6
ASOSAir Support Operations Squadron1, 2, 6
ASTS1. Aeromedical Staging Squadron
2. Air and Space Test Squadron
2, 6
ASTWAerospace Test Wing1
ASUGArmament Sustainment Group6
ASUPSAmmunition Supply Squadron1
ASUSAir Support Squadron2, 6
ASW1. Aerospace Support Wing
2. Aircraft Sustainment Wing
1, 6
ATAFAllied Tactical Air Force (NATO)1, 5, 7
ATCAir Training Command1, 5
ATC CATOAir Training Command Civilian Automated Training Office1
ATC OPSCENATC Operations Center1
ATCCAir Traffiv Control Center1, 7
ATCDAir Training Communications Division1
ATCFAir Traffic Control Flight1
ATCSAir Traffic Control Squadron6
ATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter 
ATG1. Adversary Tactics Group
2. Aerospace Test Group
ATHAir Transportable Hospital7
ATICAerospace Technical Intelligence Center5
ATKSAttack Squadron6
ATRCAir Traffic Regulation Center1, 7
ATRNCAir Transportable Clinic7
ATS1. Aerial Targets Squadron
2. Airmanship Training Squadron
ATSCEAir Technical Service Command Europe 
ATSGAutomatic Test Sustainment Group6
ATSSAdversary Tactics Support Squadron6
ATTFAir Transportation Training Flight1
ATTGAdversary Threat Training Group1
ATTWAircrew Training-Test Wing1
AUAir University1, 4, 5, 7
AUCADREAir University Center for Aerospace Doctrine Research and Education1
AULAir University Library1, 7
AVDSAviation Depot Squadron1
AVSAudio Visual Squadron1
AWAirlift Wing2, 6
AWACGAirborne Warning and Control Group1
AWACS1. Airborne Warning and Control Squadron
2. Airborne Warning and Control System
AWACTSAirborne Warning and Control Training Squadron1
AWACWAirborne Warning and Control Wing1
AWADSAdverse Weather Aerial Delivery System 
AWCAir War College1, 7
AWFAir Weather Flight1
AWFCAir Warfare Center 
AWNMCAutomated Weather Network Management Center1
AWSAir Weather Service1, 5, 7
B1SGB-1 Systems Group7
B-2 Systems GroupB2SG7
BAFRBand of the Air Force Reserve7
BASCSBasic Air and Space Course School – AETC7
BCCCBase Communications Computer Center7
BEEFBase Engineer Emergency Force3
BGBomb Group2, 6
BMC4IBattlefield Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence 
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization 
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System5
BMGBombardment Group 
BMOBallistic Missile Office1
BMSBombardment Squadron1
BMSWBattle Management Systems Wing7
BMTS1. Basic Military Training School
2. Basic Military Training Squadron
1, 7
BMWBombardment Wing1
BNCOABarksdale NCO Academy7
BSBomb Squadron2
BSTSBoost Surveillance and Tracking System 
BUOBase & Units Office7
BWBomb Wing2, 6
C5SGC-5 Systems Group7
C17SGC-17 Systems Group7
C130SGC-130 Systems Group7
C-MAJCOMComponent Major Command3
C-NAFComponent Numbered/Named Air Force3
C2Command and Control4
C3Command, Control and Communications 
C3ICommand, Control, Communications and Intelligence 
C4Command, Control, Communications and Computers3
CACSCommand and Control Squadron2
CADRECollege of Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education7
CADSCombat Aerial Delivery School7
CAFCombat Air Forces3, 4
CAFLSCCombat Air Forces Logistics Support Center7
CAFTTCoalition Air Forces Transition Team 
CAGCommander’s Action Group 
CAIRCCarribean Air Command5
CALCMConventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile3
CAMConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance5
CAMGConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance Group1
CAMRONConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 
CAMSConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron1
CAMSQConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 
CAMWConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance Wing1
CAOC1. Combined Air Operations Center
2. Combined Air and Space Operations Center
4, 7
CAP1. Civil Air Patrol
2. Combat Air Patrol
1, 7
CAP-USAFCivil Air Patrol-U.S. Air Force 
CARCentral Audit Region7
CAS1. Close Air Support
2. Combat Applications Squadron
CASCCataloging and Standardization Center1
CATSCombat Airlift Training School 
CBAFRCommand Band of the Air Force Reserve7
CBCFCombat Communications Flight 
CBCSCombat Communications Squadron2, 6
CBCSSCombat Communications Support Squadron2, 6
CBPOConsolidated Base Personnel Office1, 7
CBSSCombat Systems Squadron7
CCCommander (Office Symbol)4
CC2SGCombatant Commanders Command and Control Systems Group7
CCACombat Capability Assessment 
CCAFCommunity College of the Air Force1, 7
CCATTCritical Care Air Transport Team4
CCDRCombatant Commander3, 4
CCEGCommand and Control Evaluation Group2, 6
CCF1. Command and Control Flight
2. First Sergeant (Office Symbol)
CCFTCombat Communications Flight1
CCG1. Combat Communications Group
2. Command Control Group
2, 6
CCGPCombat Communications Group1
CCISSCommand, Control Intelligence Support Squadron1
CCOCommand and Control Operations 
CCPConsolidated Command Post1
CCSCombat Control Squadron1, 2, 6
CCSOCommand and Control Systems Office1
CCSQCombat Communications Squadron1
CCTSCombat Crew Training Squadron1
CCTWCombat Crew Training Wing1
CCWCombat Communications Wing6
CDRUSECENTCOMCommander, United States Central Command4
CDRUSEUCOMCommander, United States European Command4
CDRUSJFCOMCommander, United States Joint Forces Command4
CDRUSPACOMCommander, United States Pacific Command4
CDRUSTRANSCOMCommander, United States Transportation Command4
CDSSCommercial Derivatives Systems Squadron7
CECivil Engineering4
CEECenter for Environmental Excellence7
CEF1. Civil Engineer Flight
2. Civil Engineering Flight
1, 6
CEFHRCivil Engineering Flight, Heavy Repair1
CEG1. Civil Engineer Group
2. Civil Engineering Group
2, 6
CEMSCommunication and Electronics Maintenance Squadron1
CENTAFUnited States Central Command Air Forces 
CEOSCivil Engineering Operations Squadron1
CEPMECollege for Enlisted Professional Military Education7
CES1. Civil Engineer Squadron
2. Civil Engineering Squadron
2, 6
CESDContinental Electronic Security Division1
CESFCivil Engineering Support Flight1
CESHRCivil Engineering Squadron, Heavy Repair1
CESS1. Civil Engineering Support Squadron
2. Combat Electronic Systems Squadron
CETSOCivil Engineering Technical Support Office7
CEVGCombat Evaluation Group1
CFCommunications Flight1
CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Commander4
CFC1. Combined Forces Command
2. Combined Forces Commander

CGCommunications Group1, 2, 6
CHContingency Hospital6, 7
CHSConsolidated Headquarters Squadron1
CID1. Combat Identification
2. Congressional Inquiry Division
CINCADCommander-in-Chief, Aerospace Defense Command1
CINCAFLANTCommander-in-Chief, United States Air Forces Atlantic1
CINCALCommander-in-Chief, Alaskan Air Command1
CINCEURCommander-in-Chief, European Command1
CINCLANTCommander-in-Chief, Atlantic Command1
CINCMACCommander-in-Chief, Military Airlift Command1
CINCNORADCommander-in-Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command1
CINCPACCommander-in-Chief, Pacific Command1
CINCPACAFCommander-in-Chief, Pacific Air Forces1
CINCSACCommander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command1
CINCUNCCommander-in-Chief, United Nations Command1
CINCUSAFECommander-in-Chief, United States Air Forces in Europe1
CISFCombat Information Systems Flight1
CISGCombat Information Systems Group1
CISWCommand and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Wing7
CJCSChairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff1
CLMConsolidated Aircraft Maintenance 
CLSGContractor Logistics Sustainment Group6
CLSSCombat Logistics Support Squadron1, 2, 6
CMHICertified Mile High Instructor 
CMMCACruise Missile Mission Control Aircraft 
CMOCCheyenne Mountain Operations Center 
CMS1. Component Maintenance Squadron
2. Consolidated Maintenance Squadron
CMSGCheyenne Mountain Support Group1
CMSQCommunications Maintenance Squadron1
CMXGCommodities Maintenance Squadron6
CMXSCommunications Maintenance Squadron6
COCOMCombatant Command4
CODCombat Operations Division4
COMAFFORCommander, Air Force Forces3, 4
COMCGCommunications Command Group1
COMINTCommunications Intelligence4
COMPGComposite Group1
COMPSComposite Squadron1
COMPSGComposite Support Group1
COMPWComposite Wing1
CONAACSContinental Airways and Air Communications Service5
CONACContinental Air Command5
CONRContinental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region 
CONSContracting Squadron1, 2, 6
CONUSContinental United States4
CONUSADSCCONUS Air Defense Support Center7
COS1. Combat Operations Squadron
2. Combat Operations Staff
2, 6
COSGContingency Operations Support Group6
COSQCommunications Operations Squadron1
CPCommand Post1, 7
CPSCombat Plans Squadron2, 6
CPSGCryptologic Systems Group7
CPTSComptroller Squadron1, 2, 6
CPTSSComptroller Services Squadron1
CPUSFComputer Flight1
CPUSSComputer Services Squadron1
CRCControl and Reporting Center4
CRESClinical Research Squadron6
CRGContingency Response Group4, 6
CRS1. Combat Rescue School
2. Component Repair Squadron
3. Contingency Response Squadron

1, 2, 6
CRTCCombat Readiness Training Center 
CRWContingency Response Wing6
CSCommunications Squadron1, 2, 6
CSAACentral Special Activities Area1
CSAFChief of Staff, United States Air Force1, 4, 7
CSARCombat Search and Rescue1, 4
CSC1. Command and Staff College
2. Communications Systems Center
3. Cryptologic Support Center
CSG1. Combat Support Group
2. Computer Systems Group
2, 6
CSGPCombat Support Group Provisional1
CSOCombat Systems Officer1
CSOCConsolidated Security Operations Center1, 7
CSPCommunications Systems Program Office7
CSPCComputer Support Center7
CSPTSCommunications Support Squadron6
CSS1. Combat Support Squadron
2. Computer Systems Squadron
2, 6
CSSQComputer Systems Squadron1
CSSGCombat Systems Sustainment Group6
CSTCConsolidated Space Test Center1
CSUGCommodities Sustainment Group6
CSW1. Combat Support Wing
2. Combat Sustainment Wing
CTASChrysler Technology Airborne System 
CTCSCombat Camera Squadron2, 6
CTF1. Combined Task Force
2. Combined Test Force
CTSCombat Training Squadron2, 6
CTTCChanute Technical Training Center1
CV22SSCV-22 Systems Squadron7
CWCommunications Wing1
CWSCombat Weather Squadron2
CWSSCombat Weather Systems Squadron6
CYEGCyberspace Engineering Group6
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Training4
DAFDepartment of the Air Force3
DAODefense Accounting Office7
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency 
DASCSDirect Air Support Center Squadron1
DASGDirect Attack Systems Group7
DASSDirect Air Support Squadron1
DCA1. Defense Communications Agency
2. Defensive Counterair
DCCODefense Commercial Communications Office7
DCGSDistributed Common Ground System4
DCM1. Deputy Commander for Maintenance (Office Symbol)
2. Deputy Commander for Material (Office Symbol)
DCMAODefense Contracting Management Area Office7
DCODeputy Commander for Operations (Office Symbol) 
DCRDeputy Commander for Resource Management (Office Symbol) 
DCS1. Defensive Counterspace
2. Defense Courier Service
3. Deputy Chief of Staff
1, 7
DCSTADefense Courier Service Station1, 7
DDMSDepartment of Defense Manned Space Flight Support Office 
DECADefense Commissary Agency7
DEOMIDefense Equal Opportunity Management Institute1, 7
DEWDistant Early Warning5
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Center3, 7
DFRSDefense Fuel Region – South7
DFSGDevelopment and Fielding Systems Group7
DGS1. Distributed Ground Station
2. Drone Generation Squadron
DIRMOBFORDirector of Mobility Forces4
DIRSPACEFORDirector of Space Forces4
DISADefense Information Systems Agency7
DISAMDefense Institute of Security Assistance Management1, 7
DLIELCDefense Language Institute, English Language Center1, 7
DMSDrone Maintenance Squadron1
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program4
DOOperations Officer (Office Symbol) 
DOCEXDocument Exploitation 
Department of Defense3
DODMCDepartment of Defense Media Center7
DODMERBDefense Medical Examination Review Board1, 7
DPRODefense Plant Representative Office 
DPSDefense Printing Service7
DRMODefense Reutilization and Marketing Office7
DRUDirect Reporting Unit3
DS1. Dental Squadron
2. Drone Squadron
2, 6
DSCS1. Defense Satellite Communications System
2. Defense Space Communications Squadron

DSEGDefense Systems Evaluation Group1
DSESDefense Systems Evaluation Squadron1
DSODirect Support Operation4
DSPDefense Support Program4
DSPOSSDefense Support Program Operational Software Squad7
DSQDistribution Squadron1
DT&EDevelopmental Test and Evaluation 
DTOCDistributed Training Operations Center 
DTRADefense Threat Reduction Agency4
DVDistinguished Visitor 
E____Expeditionary ___________ 
E8SGE-8 Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar Systems Group7
E10SGE-8 Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar Systems Group7
EAACSExpeditionary Airborne Air Control Squadron 
EABSExpeditionary Air Base Squadron6
EACOSEuropean Air Combat Operations Staff1
EACCSExpeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron 
EAESExpeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron 
EAMEAACSEuropean-African-Middle Eastern Airways and Air Communications Service5
EAPSExpeditionary Aerial Port Squadron6
EAREastern Audit Region7
EARSExpeditionary Air Refueling Squadron 
EASExpeditionary Airlift Squadron4, 6
EASOGExpeditionary Air Support Operations Group 
EASOSExpeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron 
EASTAFEastern Transport Air Force5
EBSExpeditionary Bomb Squadron4
ECDEuropean Communications Division1
ECFExpeditionary Contracting Flight4
ECGElectronic Combat Group2, 6
ECIExtension Course Institute1, 5, 7
ECMElectronic Countermeasures4
ECS1. Electronic Combat Squadron
2. Expeditionary Communications Squadron
1, 2, 6
ECWElectronic Combat Wing1
EEGElectronics Engineering Group1
EELVEvolved Expendable Launch Vehicle 
EESElectronics Engineering Squadron1
EESDEuropean Electronic Security Division1
EFSExpeditionary Fighter Squadron4
EFTSExpeditionary Flying Training Squadron6
EGEducation Group2, 6
EGBUEnhanced Guided Bomb Unit4
EIDEngineering Installation Division1
EIGEngineering Installation Group1, 2, 6
EINSExpeditionary Intelligence Squadron6, 7
EIS1. Electronics Installations Squadron
2. Engineering Installation Squadron
3. Expeditionary Intelligence Squadron
2, 6
EISGEnterprise Integration Systems Group7
EISQEngineering Installation Squadron1
EISSEngineering and Integration Systems Squadron7
EIWEngineering Installation Wing2, 6
ELRSExpeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron6
ELSGElectronic Systems Group6
ELSSElectronic Systems Squadron6
ELSWElectronic Systems Wing6
EMATGExpeditionary Material Group6
EMDGExpeditionary Medical Group 
EMEDS1. Expeditionary Medical Squadron
2. Expeditionary Medical Support

EMPElectromagnetic Pulse 
EMSEquipment Maintenance Squadron1, 2, 6
EMSGExpeditionary Mission Support Group6
EMTFExpeditionary Mobility Task Force4, 6
EMXGElectronics Maintenance Group6
EMXOSExpeditionary Maintenance Operations Squadron6
ENCOAElmendorf NCO Academy7
ENJJPTEuro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training 
EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal4
EODFExplosive Ordnance Disposal Flight1
EODSExplosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron1
EOGExpeditionary Operations Group6
EOSSExpeditionary Operations Support Squadron6
EPFEpidemiological Flight1
EPSGEagle Propulsion Sustainment Group6
ERFExpeditionary Reconnaissance Flight 
ERHGExpeditionary RED HORSE Group 
ERHSExpeditionary RED HORSE Squadron 
ERSExpeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron 
ESEducation Squadron2, 6
ESAElectronic Security Alaska1
ESAAEuropean Special Activities Area1
ESC1. Electronic Security Command
2. Electronic Systems Center
ESCOSElectronic Security Combat Operations Staff1
ESDElectronic Systems Division1
ESFEngineering Systems Flight1
ESFSExpeditionary Security Forces Squadron 
ESG1. Electronic Security Group
2. Electronics Sustainment Group
ESMCEastern Space and Missile Center1
ESOPSExpeditionary Space Operations Squadron6
ESPCSExpeditionary Space Control Squadron 
ESS1. Electronic Security Squadron
2. Electronic Security Strategic
ESSGElectronic Security Support Group1
ESSQElectronic Security Squadron1
ESTElectronic Security Tactical1
ESWElectronic Security Wing1
ETREastern Test Range1
ETRSExpeditionary Training Squadron6
ETSEngineering and Test Squadron2
EUROPSEuropean Air Operations Staff1
EURTOAEuropean Technical Operations Area1
EWElectronic Warfare4
EWASElectronic Warfare Aggressor Squadron2
EWCCElectronic Warfare Coordination Center4
EWGElectronic Warfare Group6
EWO1. Electronic Warfare Officer
2. Emergency War Orders
EWSElectronic Warfare Squadron6
EWSGElectronic Warfare Sustainment Group6
EWTSElectronic Warfare Training Squadron1
EWWElectronic Warfare Wing 
EWXSExpeditionary Weather Squadron6
F15SGF-15 Systems Group7
F16SGF-16 Systems Group7
F117SSF-117 Systems Squadron7
FACForward Air Controller8
FAC(A)Forward Air Controller (Airborne)4
FAIPFirst Assignment Instructor Pilot 
FANGOF**king Air National Guard Officer 
FASWFighter Attack Systems Wing7
FBGFighter-Bomber Group 
FBSFighter-Bomber Squadron 
FBWFighter-Bomber Wing 
FCSFacility Checking Squadron1
FDWFighter-Day Wing 
FEFlight Engineer4
FEAACSFar East Airways and Air Communications Service5
FGFighter Group2, 6
FIDForeign Internal Defense4
FIGFighter Interceptor Group1
FIRField Investigations Region7
FIS1. Field Investigations Squadron
2. Fighter Interceptor Squadron
2, 6
FISTAFlying Infrared Signatures Technology Aircraft 
FITSFighter Interceptor Training Squadron1
FLDTGField Training Group1
FLDTSField Training Squadron1
FLIRForward Looking Infrared 
FLITEFederal Legal Information Through Electronics1
FLTSFlight Test Squadron2, 6
FMMSField Missile Maintenance Squadron1
FMSField Maintenance Squadron1
FMTAGForeign Military Training Affairs Group1
FMTMFForeign Military Training Management Flight1
FOAField Operating Agency3, 4
FOBForward Operating Base4
FOT&EFollow-On Test and Evaluation 
FPSField Printing Squadron1
FPSSForce Protection Systems Squadron7
FSFighter Squadron2, 6
FSGFighter Sustainment Group6
FSSForce Support Squadron6
FSSGFlight Systems Sustainment Group6
FTCForeign Technology Center7
FTD1. Field Training Detachment
2. Foreign Technology Division
FTFFlying Training Flight 
FTGFlying Training Group2, 6
FTSFlying Training Squadron1, 2, 6
FTWFlying Training Wing1, 2, 6
FWFighter Wing2, 6
FWSFighter Weapons Squadron1, 2, 6
FWSCHFighter Weapons School1
FWWFighter Weapons Wing1
GATSGGlobal Air Traffic Systems Group7
GBUGuided Bomb Unit4
GCGuardian Challenge 
GCCGGlobal Command and Control Group1
Ground Combat Readiness Center7
GCRESGround Combat Readiness Evaluation Squadron1
GCTSGround Combat Training Squadron6
GEEIAGround Electronics Engineering Installation Agency5
GEOGeosynchronous Earth Orbit4
GEODSSGround Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance4
GHSGGlobal Hawk Systems Group7
GIGSGGlobal Information Grid Systems Group7
GLCMGround-Launched Cruise Missile 
GMESGlobal Mobility Readiness Squadron 
GMRSGlobal Mobility Readiness Squadron6
GMSGlobal Mobility Squadron6
GNCOAGoodfellow NCO Academy7
GPGroup2, 5, 6
GPSGlobal Positioning System4
GRCTSGround Combat Training Squadron1
GSGuard Squadron1
GSEGraduate School of Engineering7
GSLAMGraduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management7
GSSGlobal Support Squadron6
GSSGGround Systems Sustainment Group6
GTGlory Trip 
GTTCGoodfellow Technical Training Center1
HAWKHoliday and Weekend Killer 
HCChaplain (Office Symbol) 
HEOHighly Elliptical Orbit 
HGSHelicopter Generation Squadron2, 6
HMXSHelicopter Maintenance Squadron 
HNCOAHickam NCO Academy7
HPSGHawk Propulsion Sustainment Group6
HQHeadquarters3, 4, 5, 7
HQ COMD USAFHeadquarters Command United States Air Force5
HQ USAFHeadquarters, U.S. Air Force3
HSHelicopter Squadron1, 2, 6
HSCHuman Systems Center 
HSDHuman Systems Division1
HSG1. Headquarters Support Group
2. Human Systems Group
HSSHeadquarters Support Squadron1
HSWHuman Systems Wing6
IAAFA1. Inter-American Air Force Academy
2. Inter-American Air Forces Academy
IABSIntegrated Apogee Boost Subsystem 
IADSIntegrated Air Defense System4
IAS1. Information Aggressor Squadron
2 .Intelligence Analysis Squadron
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile3, 4
ICBMSGIntercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Group6
ICBMSSIntercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Squadron6
ICBMSWIntercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Wing6
ICBMTMSIntercontinental Ballistic Missile Test Maintenance Squadron1
IECPDIra C. Eaker Center for Professional Development 
IESIntelligence Exploitation Squadron1
IFCInstrument Flight Center7
IFFIntroduction to Fighter Fundamentals 
IG1. Inspector General
2. Intelligence Group
2, 5
ILMSIntermediate Level Maintenance Squadron 
IMINTImagery Intelligence4
INSInstallation Squadron1
INSTMNSInstrumentation Squadron1
IOInformation Operations4
IOGInformation Operations Group6
IOS1. Information Operations Squadron
2. International Officer School
IOWInformation Operations Wing6
IPTSInpatient Operations Squadron6
IQTIntial Qualification Training4
Ira C. Eaker CPDIra C. Eaker College for Professional Development7
IRSGCommand and Control & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Sustainment Group6
IS1. Instructor Squadron
2. Intelligence Squadron
2, 6
ISCInspection and Safety Center1
ISDSInstructional Systems Development Squadron1
ISF1. Intelligence Support Flight
2. International Systems Flight

ISGInformation Systems Group 
ISRIntelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance3, 4
ISRDIntelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Division 
ISRGIntelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group6
ISRSGIntelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Group7
ISS1. Information Systems Squadron
2. Intelligence Support Squadron
2, 6
ISWInformation Systems Wing 
IUSInertial Upper Stage 
IW1. Intelligence Wing
2. Irregular Warfare
2, 6
IWASInformation Warfare Aggressor Squadron6
IWFInformation Warfare Flight4, 6
IWSInformation Warfare Squadron2, 6
IWSTInformation Warfare Support Team2
JAJudge Advocate4
JACJoint Analysis Center4
JADCJudiciary Area Defense Counsel7
JAGJudge Advocate General4
JAMACJoint Aeronautical Materials Activity Center1, 7
JAOCJoint Air Operations Center4
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff4
JCSEJoint Communications Support Element 
JCSSJoint Communications Support Squadron1
JDAMJoint Direct Attach Munition4
JDMAGJoint Depot Maintenance Analysis Group1, 7
JDSSCJoint Data Systems Support Center1, 7
JETSJoint Employment Tactics School7
JFACCJoint Forces Air Component Commander3, 4
JFCJoint Force Commander4
JFCCJoint Functional Component Command4
JFSOCCJoint Force Special Operations Component Commander4
JHMETJoint Healthcare Management Engineering Team1, 7
JIATFJoint Interagency Task Force4
JIOCJoint Intelligence Operations Center4
Joint Military Medical Command-San Antonio1, 7
JOCJoint Operations Center4
JOSDEPSJoint Strategic Defense Planning Staff1, 7
JPATSJoint Primary Air Training System 
JPATSSJoint Primary Aircraft Training Systems Squadron7
JPOTFJoint Psychological Task Force4
JPPSOJoint Personal Property Shipping Office1, b7
JPRCJoint Personnel Recovery Center4
JRBJoint Reserve Base 
JSEADJoint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses4
JSFJoint Strike Fighter 
JSOACCJoint Special Operations Air Component Commander4
JSOCCJoint Special Operations Component Commander4
JSOTFJoint Special Operations Task Force4
JSpOCJoint Space Operations Center4
JSSAJoint Services Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape Agency7
JSTARSJoint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System4
JSTPSJoint Strategic Target Planning Staff1, 7
JT&EJoint Test and Evaluation 
JTACJoint Terminal Air Controller4
JTF1. Joint Task Force
2. Joint Test Force
JTIDSJoint Tactical Information Distribution System 
JUSMAGJoint United States Military Advisory Group5
JUSMMATJoint United States Military Mission for Aid to Turkey5, 7
JWACJoint Warfare Analysis Center 
JWCJoint Warfare Center7
KADNCOAKadena NCO Academy7
KEENCOAKeesler NCO Academy7
KIRNCOAKirtland NCO Academy7
KTTCKeesler Technical Training Center1
LAICSSLarge Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures Systems Squadron7
LCDLogistics Communications Division1
LCGLaunch Group 
LEOLow Earth Orbit4
LESLaw Enforcement Squadron1
LGLogistics Group1, 2, 6
LGRSLogistics Readiness Squadron6
LMSCLogistics Management Systems Center1
LNCOALackland NCO Academy7
LOCLogistics Operations Center1
LOG1. Logistics
2. Logistics and Operations Group
2, 6
LOGCLogistics Center7
LOGMETLogistics Management Engineering Team1
LOGSSLogistics Support Squadron1
LPALieutenant’s Protection Association 
LRMSGLong Range Missile Systems Group7
LRSLogistics Readiness Squadron6
LRSSWLong Range Strike Systems Wing7
LSLogistics Squadron1, 2
LSSLogistics Support Squadron2, 6
LTSLogistics Test Squadron1
LTTCLowry Technical Training Center1
LWLogistics Wing1
M&SMaintenance and Supply5
MAAGMilitary Assistance Advisory Group5
MAAMAMiddletown Air Material Area5
MACMilitary Airlift Command1
MACAOSMilitary Airlift Command Operations School1
MACOSMilitary Airlift Combat Operations Staff1
MAESMedical Air Evacuation Squadron 
MAFMobility Air Forces3
MAFLSCHQs Mobility Air Forces Logistics Support Center7
MAGMilitary Airlift Group1
MAJCOMMajor Command3, 4
MAP1. Mapping
2. Military Assistance Program
MAPFMobile Aerial Port Flight1
MAPSMobile Aerial Port Squadron1
MARMateriel Audit Region7
MASMilitary Airlift Squadron1
MASGMilitary Airlift Support Group1
MASSMilitary Airlift Support Squadron1
MASSGMature Aircraft and Simulator Sustainment Group6
MASWMilitary Airlift Support Wing1
MATFMateriel Flight6
MATGMateriel Group6
MATOSMateriel Operations Squadron6
MATRSMilitary Airlift Training Squadron1
MATRWMilitary Airlift Training Wing1
MATS1. Materiel Squadron
2. Military Air Transport Service
1, 2, 6
MAWMilitary Airlift Wing1
MAWPMilitary Airlift Wing Provisional1
MCMedical Center7
MC130SSMC-130 Systems Squadron7
MCCMission Control Complex1, 7
MCCSMobile Command and Control Squadron2
MCNCOAMcGuire NCO Academy7
MDGMedical Group2, 6
MDOSMedical Operations Squadron2, 6
MDS1. Mission Design Series
2. Medical Squadron
3. Missile Defense Squadron
2, 6
MDSSMedical Support Squadron2, 6
MDTSDiagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron6
MDWMedical Wing2, 6
MEDAACSMediterranean Airways and Air Communications Service5
MEDCENMedical Center1
MEDGPMedical Group1
MEDSQMedical Squadron1
MEFManagement Engineering Flight1
MEPCOMMilitary Enlistment Processing Command1, 7
MESManagement Engineering Squadron1
MEWSMissile Early Warning Station1
MG1. Maintenance Group
2. Missile Group
2, 6
MILSTARMilitary Strategic and Tactical Relay 
MIMSMissile Maintenance Squadron1
MISMissile Squadron 
MkMark (General Purpose Bomb) 
MLVMedium Launch Vehicle 
MM IIIMinuteman III 
MMETMaintenance Management Engineering Team1
MMGMateriel Maintenance Group2, 6
MMS1. Materiel Maintenance Squadron
2. Munitions Maintenance Squadron
2, 6
MMSGMiniature Munitions Systems Group7
MMSSMateriel Maintenance Support Squadron2, 6
MMXGMissile Maintenance Group6
MMXSMissile Maintenance Squadron6
MNC-IMulti-National Corps-Iraq 
MNCOAMarch NCO Academy7
MNF-IMulti-National Forces-Iraq 
MOAMAMobile Air Material Area5
MOBSFMobility Support Flight1
MOBSSMobility Support Squadron1
MOF1. Manpower and Organization Flight
2. Missile Operations Flight
MOSMaintenance Operations Squadron 
MPFMilitary Personnel Flight4
MPSAMilitary Postal Service Agency1, 7
MPSGMission Planning Systems Group7
MQTMission Qualification Training4
MRMission Ready4
MRMSGMedium Range Missile Systems Group7
MRSManpower Requirements Squadron6
MS1. Maintenance Squadron
2. Missile Squadron
2, 6
MSASMobility Support Advisory Squadron6
MSDSMissile Security Defense Squadron1
MSEManned Spaceflight Engineer 
MSEGMedical Service Group1
MSESMedical Service Squadron1
MSEWMedical Service Wing1
MSFMission Support Flight1
MSFSMissile Security Forces Squadron 
MSGMission Support Group6
MSGSMedical Surgical Squadron 
MSNMission4, 5
MSS1. Missile Security Squadron
2. Mission Support Squadron
2, 6
MSSQMission Support Squadron1
MSTWMedical Service Training Wing1
MSUGMateriel Sustainment Group6
MSWMobility Systems Wing7
MTF1. Maintenance Training Flight
2. Military Treatment Facility
MTIMoving Target Indication4
MUNSMunitions Squadron2, 6
MUNSSMunitions Support Squadron1, 2, 6
MUSGMunitions Sustainment Group6
MWMissile Wing2, 6
MWCMissile Warning Center 
MWGMissile Warning Group1
MWSMissile Warning Squadron1
MXGMaintenance Group6
MXOSMaintenance Operations Squadron6
MXSMaintenance Squadron2, 6
MXSGMaintenance Support Group6
MXWMaintenance Wing6
NAFNumbered/Named Air Force3, 4
NAICNational Air Intelligence Center 
NAMAPNorth Air Material Area, Pacific5
NAOCNational Airborne Operations Center 
NAPJPONational Aerospace Plane Joint Programs Office1
NASNaval Air Station5
NASICNational Air and Space Intelligence Center7
NASPNational Aerospace Plane 
NASPJPONational Aerospace Plane Joint Program Office7
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization4, 5
NCCNetwork Control Center4
NCOANon-Commissioned Officer Academy 
NCSWNetwork Centric Operations and Integration Systems Wing7
NE AD SECTORNortheast Air Defense Sector 
NEAACSNortheastern Airways and Air Communications Service5
NEACNortheast Air Command 
NEACPNational Emergency Airborne Command Post 
NEADSNortheast Air Defense Sector1, 7
NEONoncombatant Evacuation Operation4
NetANetwork Attack4
NetDNetwork Defense4
NETOPSNetwork Operations4
NGANational Geospatial Intelligence Agency4
NGBNational Guard Bureau1, 7
NIMANational Imagery and Mapping Agency 
NKAWTGNo Kick Ass Without Tanker Gas 
NMUSAFNational Museum of the United States Air Force7
NOGNetwork Operations Group6
NORADNorth American Aerospace Defense Command1
NORTLANTAACSNorth Atlantic Airways and Air Communications Service5
NOSCNetwork Operations and Security Center4
National Personnel Records Center (Civilian Personnel Records)1, 7
National Personnel Records Center (Military Personnel Records)1
NRONational Reconnaissance Office4
NSANational Security Agency4
NSGNetwork Support Group6
NSINuclear Surety Inspection 
NSSNetwork Support Squadron6
NTSNavigator Training Squadron1
NTWNavigator Training Wing1
NVGNight Vision Goggles 
NW AD SECTORNorthwest Air Defense Sector1
NWADSNorthwest Air Defense Sector7
NWGNetwork Warfare Group6
NWSNetwork Warfare Squadron6
NWWNetwork Warfare Wing6
OAMPOptical Aircraft Measurement Program 
OCOperations Center6
OC-ALCOklahoma City Air Logistics Center1, 7
OC2SGOperational Command and Control Systems Group7
OCAOffensive Counterair4
OCCMSOccupational Measurement Squadron1
OCONUSOutside the Continental United States4
OCS1. Offensive Counterspace
2. Officer Candidate School
ODOperating Division 
ODPSOperational Data Processing Squadron1
OG1. Operations Group
2. Orientation Group USAF
2, 6
OGVStandardization/Evaluation (Office Symbol) 
OLOperating Location3, 7
OMMSOrganizational Missile Maintenance Squadron1
OMS1. Officer Military School
2. Organizational Maintenance Squadron
ONIROverhead Non-Imaging Infrared4
OO-ALCOgden Air Logistics Center1, 7
OOAMAOgden Air Material Area5
OPFOperations Flight1
OPGOperations Group1
OPS1. Operations
2. Operations Squadron
ORIOperational Readiness Inspection4
OSOperations Squadron2, 6
OSAOperational Support Airlift4
OSDOffice of the Secretary of Defense 
OSFOperations Support Flight6
OSIOffice of Special Investigations5
OSPTOfficer Space Prerequisite Training 
OSSOperations Support Squadron1, 2, 6
OSSGOperations and Sustainment Systems Group7
OSSWOperations Support Systems Wing7
OSWOperations Support Wing1
OT&EOperational Test and Evaluation 
OTESOperational Test and Evaluation Squadron1
OTH-BOver the Horizon Backscatter Radar 
OTS1. Officer Training School
2. Officer Training School, USAF
1, 7
OWSOperational Weather Squadron6
PAPublic Affairs4
PACAACSPacific Airways and Air Communications Service5
PACAFPacific Air Forces1, 3, 4, 5, 7
PACAFAISPACAF Air Intelligence Squadron7
PACAFAOSPACAF Air Operations Squadron7
PACAFCESPACAF Civil Engineer Squadron7
PACAFCSSPACAF Computer Systems Squadron7
PACOMPacific Command1
PACOPSPacific Air Combat Operations Staff1
PACTOAPacific Technical Operations Area1
PADMSPostal and Administration Squadron1
PAGPresidential Airlift Group7
PASPresidential Airlift Squadron7
PCDPacific Communications Division1
PDMProgrammed Depot Maintenance 
PEDProcessing, Exploitation and Dissemination4
PERSCOPersonnel SUpport for Contingency Operations4
PESDPacific Electronic Security Division1
PFPhoto Flight 
PHGLTFPhysiological Training Flight1
PLPhillips Lab 
PLSPresidential Logistics Squadron7
PMCSProfessional Military Comptroller School1, 7
PMEProfessional Military Education3
PMELPrecision Measurement Equipment Laboratory 
PMXGPropulsion Maintenance Group6
PNCOAPeterson NCO Academy7
PNTPosition, Navigation and Timing4
POLPetroleum, Oil and Lubricants4
POTUSPresident of the United States4
PPFPersonnel Processing Flight1
PPGPersonnel Processing Group1
PPSPersonnel Processing Squadron1
PRPersonnel Recovery4
PRGPersonnel Resources Group1
PROSProcurement Squadron1
PRS1. Parachute Rescue Squadron
2. Pararescue Squadron
PRSSPropulsion Systems Squadron7
PSPhotographic Squadron1
PSAAPacific Special Activities Area1
PSABPrince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia 
PSPTSPhysiological Support Squadron2, 6
PSQPersonnel Squadron1
PSYOPPsychological Operations4
PTFPhysiological Training Flight6
PTSPilot Training Squadron1
PTWPilot Training Wing1
R&DResearch and Development 
RADCRome Air Development Center1, 5
RADCSRadar Control Squadron1
RADESRadar Evaluation Squadron1, 2, 6
RADRONRadar Squadron 
RADSRadar Squadron1
RAFRoyal Air Force5
RAM1. Raggedy Ass Militia
2. Residency in Aerospace Medicine
RAMCCRegional Air Movement Control Center4
RANCSRadar Control Squadron
Range Control Squadron
RFRange Flight6
RANGRange Group1, 2, 6
RANMSRange Management Squadron6
RANOSRange Operations Squadron6
RANSRange Squadron1, 2, 6
RANSSRange Support Squadron6
RASReserve Advisory Squadron1
RBSRadar Bomb Scoring5
RCDResearch and Acquisition Communications Division1
RCGRecruiting Group2, 6
RCS1. Range Control Squadron
2. Recruiting Squadron
2, 6
RED HORSERapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer4
RD&TEResearch, Development, Test and Evaluation 
RGReconnaissance Group2, 6
RHCEFRed Horse Civil Engineering Flight6
RHFRed HORSE Flight6
RHSRED HORSE Squadron2, 6
RIBSReadiness in Base Support 
RISSRange Instrumentation Systems Squadron7
RJRivet Joint 
RLRome Lab 
RMGResource Management Group1, 6
RMS1. Range Management Squadron
2. Resource Management Squadron
RMWResource Management Wing1
RNCOARobins NCO Academy7
ROAMARome Air Material Area5
ROCRecruiting Operations Group1
ROERules of Engagement4
ROPSRange Operations Squadron 
ROVERRemote Operations Video Enhanced Receiver4
RPARemotely Piloted Aircraft4
RPFRegional Planning Flight6
RPVRemotely Piloted Vehicle4
RQGRescue Group2, 6
RQSRescue Squadron2, 6
RQWRescue Wing6
RRMSReserve Readiness and Mobility Squadron1
RRSRadio Relay Squadron1
RS1. Radar Squadron
2. Reconnaissance Squadron

1, 2, 6
RSGRegional Support Group2, 6
RSIResearch Studies Institute5
RSOIReception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration4
RSPTSReserve Support Squadron2, 6
RSS1. Regional Supply Squadron
2. Regional Support Squadron
4, 6
RSTAReconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition4
RSWReconnaissance Systems Wing7
RTFReconnaissance Technical Flight1
RTGReconnaissance Technical Group1
RTSReconnaissance Technical Squadron1
RWReconnaissance Wing1, 2, 6
RWRWRescue and Weather Reconnaissance Wing1
RXSReadiness Squadron6
SA-ALCSan Antonio Air Logistics Center1
SAAMSpecial Assignment Airlift Mission4
SAAMASan Antonio Air Material Area5
SAASSSchool of Advanced Air and Space Studies7
SACStrategic Air Command1, 5
SACCSan Antonio Contracting Center1
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander Europe1, 5, 7
SACTSStrategic Air Command Tactics School1
SAFSecretary of the Air Force5
SAGSpecial Activities Group1
SAGESemi-Automatic Ground Environment 
SAMSchool of Aerospace Medicine
Special Air Mission
Surface-to-Air Missile

SAMAPSouth Air Material Area, Pacific5
SAMSSecurity Assistance Management Squadron1
SAMTOSpace and Missile Test Organization1
SAOGSatellite Operations Group1
SAPTSecurity Assistance Pilot Training 
SAR1. Search and Rescue
2. Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARPMASan Antonio Real Property Maintenance Agency1
SAS1. Space Aggressor Squadron
2. Special Activities Squadron

SASG1. Special Applications Systems Group
2/ Strategic Airlift Sustainment Group
SATAFSite Activation Task Force1, 7
SATCOMSatellite Communications4
SATCOMSSatellite Communications Squadron1
SATPSecurity Assistance Training Program 
SAWStrategic Aerospace Wing1
SBSpace Battlelab 
SBAMASan Bernardino Air Material Area5
SBIRSSpace Based Infrared System4
SBTSStrategic Bombardment Training Squadron1
SC-ALCSacramento Air Logistics Center 
SCCSpace Control Center 
SCDStrategic Communications Division1
SCESSatellite Control Engineering Squadron7
SCHSSchool Squadron1
SCMGSupply Chain Management Group 
SCMSSupply Chain Management Squadron 
SCMWSupply Chain Management Wing 
SCPSupport Center Pacific7
SCS1. Satellite Control Squadron
2. Space Communications Squadron
2, 6
SCSGSpace and Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Sustainment Group6
SCTSSpace Control Tactics Squadron 
SCTYGSecurity Group1
SDSpace Division1
SDIStrategic Defense Initiative 
SDIOStrategic Defense Initiative Organization 
SDLGSSSSensors, Data Links and Global Stations Systems Squadron7
SDTWSpace Development and Test Wing6
SE-AD SECTORSoutheast Air Defense Sector1
SEAACSSoutheastern Airways and Air Communications Service1
SEADSSoutheast Air Defense Sector7
SEC1. Section
2. Security
SECAFSecretary of the Air Force3
SecDefSecretary of Defense4
SERESurvival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion3
SES1. Systems Evaluation Squadron
2. Space Experimentation Squadron
SESDSpace Electronic Security Division1
SEVSGSupport Equipment and Vehicles Sustainment Group6
SFSecurity Forces 
SFGSecurity Forces Group 
SFSSecurity Forces Squadron6
SG1. Space Group
2. Strategic Group
SGCSSurgical Operations Squadron6
SGESupport Group Europe1
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe1, 5, 7
SIDCSpace Innovation and Development Center 
SIGINTSignals Intelligence4
SIOSystem Integration Office1
SIOPSingle Integrated Operational Plan 
SISWSpace Infrared System Wing6
SIWStrategic Intelligence Wing1
SLSSpace Launch Squadron2, 6
SM-ALCSacramento Air Logistics Center1
SMAMASacramento Air Material Area5
SMCSpace and Missile Systems Center7
SMESStrategic Missile Evaluation Squadron1
SMOTECSpecial Missions Operational Test and Evaluation Center1
SMSStrategic Missile Squadron1
SMSGSimulator Systems Group7
SMSSSpecialized Management Sustainment Squadron6
SMWStrategic Missile Wing1
SMXGSoftware Maintenance Group6
SOAMDSSpecial Operations Aeromedical Dental Squadron6
 Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance SquadronSOAMXS6
SOCSpace Operations Center4
SOCESSpecial Operations Civil Engineer Squadron6
SOCFSpecial Operations Communications Flight7
SOCMSSpecial Operations Component Maintenance Squadron6
SOCOMSpecial Operations Command7
SOCONSSpecial Operations Contracting Squadron6
SOCPTSSpecial Operations Comptroller Squadron6
SOCSSpecial Operations Communications Squadron6
SOEMSSpecial Operations Equipment Maintenance Squadron6
SOF1. Special Operations Flight
2. Special Operations Forces
SOFSGSpecial Operations Forces Systems Group7
SOG1. Satellite Operations Group
2. Special Operations Group
2, 6
SOGPSpecial Operations Group1
SOLESpecial Operations Liaison Element4
SOLLSpecial Operations Low Level4
SOLRSSpecial Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron6
SOMATGSpecial Operations Materiel Group6
SOMDGSpecial Operations Medical Group6
SOMDOSSpecial Operations Medical Operations Squadron6
SOMDSSSpecial Operations Medical Support Squadron6
SOMOSSpecial Operations Maintenance Operations Squadron6
SOMSSpecial Operations Maintenance Squadron 
SOMSGSpecial Operations Mission Support Group6
SOMSSSpecial Operations Mission Support Squadron6
SOMXGSpecial Operations Maintenance Group6
SOPFSpace Operations Flight 
SOPGSpace Operations Group 
SOPSSpace Operations Squadron2, 4, 6
SOS1. Special Operations Squadron
2. Squadron Officer School
1, 2, 6
1, 5
SOSFSSpecial Operations Security Forces Squadron6
SOSGSpecial Operations Forces and Combat Search and Rescue Sustainment Group6
SOSSSpecial Operations Support Squadron6
SOSVSSpecial Operations Services Squadron6
SOWSpecial Operations Wing1, 2, 6
SP1. Security Police
2. Special
SPAACSSpanish Airways and Air Communications Service5
SPCDSpace Communications Division1
SPCSSpace Control Squadron6
SPFSecurity Police Flight1, 6
SPG1. Security Police Group
2. Special Project Group
SPOSystem Program Office 
SPOGSpace and Operations Group6
SPS1. Security Police Squadron
2. Special Projects Squadron
1, 2, 6
SPSSSpace Surveillance Squadron2, 6
SPTFSupport Flight1
SPTGSupport Group1, 2, 6
SPTS1. Security Police Training Squadron
2. Support Squadron
1, 2, 6
SPTWSupport Wing2, 6
SPWCSpace Warfare Center7
SQSquadron2, 6
SRAMShort-Range Attack Missile 
SRMSFShort Range Missile Systems Flight7
SRS1. Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
2. Space Range Squadron
SRTSStrategic Reconnaissance Training Squadron1
SRWStrategic Reconnaissance Wing1
SRWSStrategic Reconnaissance Weather Squadron 
SS1. Space Squadron
2. Strategic Squadron

SSASpace Situational Awareness4
SSAGSpace Situation Awareness Group6
SSCStandard Systems Center1
SSG1. Space Support Group
2. Standard Systems Group
SSNSpace Surveillance Network4
SSPTSSecurity Support Squadron1
SSS1. Space Surveillance Squadron
2. Special Security Squadron

SSSSSpace Systems Support Squadron1
SSWSpace Support Wing1
STESTGSpace Test Group1
STG1. Satellite Tracking Group
2. Special Tactics Group
2, 6
STGPSpecial Tactics Group1
STOSpecial Technical Operations4
STOLShort Takeoff and Landing 
STRACOSStrategic Air Combat Operations Staff1
STRADStrategic Aerospace Division1
STRATCOMStrategic Command7
STRATHOSPStrategic Hospital1
STRMDStrategic Missile Division1
STS1. Special Tactics Squadron
2. Strategic Training Squadron
2, 6
STSQSpecial Tactics Squadron1
STTCSheppard Technical Training Center1
STTSSpace Training Squadron1
STUFStudent Flight1
STUGStudent Group1
STUSStudent Squadron1, 2, 6
SUNTSpecialized Undergraduate Navigator Training 
SUPSSupply Squadron1, 2
SUPTSpecialized Undergraduate Pilot Training 
SURSSurveillance Squadron1
SVFServices Flight1
SVOSatellite Vehicle Operator 
SVSServices Squadron1, 2, 6
SW1. Space Wing
2. Strategic Wing
2, 6
SW-AD SECTORSouthwest Air Defense Sector1
SWASouthwest Asia 
SWADSSouthwest Air Defense Sector7
SWC1. Space Warfare Center
2. Strategic Warfare Center

SWGSpace Wing1
SWSSpace Warning Squadron2, 4, 6
SWXSSpace Weather Squadron 
SYMSystems Management Squadron1
T1SST-1 Systems Squadron7
T38SST-38 Systems Squadron7
TAC1. Tactical
2. Tactical Air Command
1, 5
TACCTanker Airlift Control Center4, 6
TACCSTactical Air Control Center Squadron1
TACESTactical Electronics Squadron1
TACGTactical Group1
TACOSTactical Air Combat Operations Staff1
TACPTactical Air Control Party4
TACPFTactical Air Control Party Flight1
TACSTheater Air Control System4
TAFTTechnical Assessment Field Tam4
TAGTactical Airlift Group1
TAIRCFTactical Air Control Flight1
TAIRCGTactical Air Control Group1
TAIRCSTactical Air Control Squadron1
TAIRCWTactical Air Control Wing1
TALCETanker Airlift Control Element4
TASTactical Airlift Squadron1
TASG1. Tactical Air Support Group
2. Tactical Airlift Sustainment Group
3. Training Aircraft Systems Group
TASSTactical Air Support Squadron1
TASTGTactical Air Support Training Group1
TASTSTactical Air Support Training Squadron1
TATGTactical Airlift Training Group1
TATSTactical Airlift Training Squadron1
TAWTactical Airlift Wing1
TCAMATesting Commercial Aircraft for Military Application 
TCDTactical Communications Division1
TCFTactical Control Flight1
TCGTactical Control Group1
TCHOGTechnical Operations Group1
TCHOSTechnical Operations Squadron1
TCHTSTechnical Training Squadron1
TCHTWTechnical Training Wing1
TCPEDTasking, Collecting, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination4
TCSTactical Control Squadron1
TCWTactical Control Wing1
TDCSTactical Deployment Control Squadron1
TDGTactical Drone Group 
TDSTactical Drone Squadron1
TDYTemporary Duty4
Tech1. Technical
2. Technology
TECHSTechnical School1
TEFTest and Evaluation Flight1
TEGTest and Evaluation Group1, 2, 6
TENCAPTactical Exploitation of National Capabilities 
TENGTest Engineering Group6
TESTest and Evaluation Squadron1, 2, 6
TESTGTest Group1
TESTSTest Squadron1
TESTWTest Wing1
TETTarget Effects Team4
TEWGTactical Electronic Warfare Group1
TEWSTactical Electronic Warfare Squadron1
TEWTSTactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron1
TFTotal Force4
TFGTactical Fighter Group1
TFSTactical Fighter Squadron1
TFTASTactical Fighter Training Aggressor Squadron1
TFTGTactical Fighter Training Group1
TFTSTactical Fighter Training Squadron1
TFTWTactical Fighter Training Wing1
TFWTactical Fighter Wing1
TFWCRGTactical Fighter Weapons Center Range Group1
TFWPTactical Fighter Wing Provisional1
TGTest Group6
TIGTactical Intelligence Group1
TISTactical Intelligence Squadron1
TIWTactical Intelligence Wing1
TMDTheater Missile Defense4
TMGTest Management Group6
TMMSTactical Missile Maintenance Squadron1
TMSTactical Missile Squadron1
TMTGTactical Missile Training Group1
TMTSTactical Missile Training Squadron1
TMWTactical Missile Wing1
TNCOATyndall NCO Academy7
TODTechnical Operations Division 
TOGTheater Operations Group6
TOSTactical Operations Squadron1
TRANSTransportation Squadron 
TRG1. Tactical Reconnaissance Group
2. Training Group
TRISSTactical Reconnaissance Intelligence1
TRKAALOThird Republic of Korea Army Air Liaison Office7
TRNGRSTraining Readiness Squadron1
TRNSTransportation Squadron1, 2
TRNSFTransportation Flight1
TRNSLFTransportation Liaison Flight1
TRNSOPSTransportation Operations Squadron1
Trnsp1. Transport
2. Transportation
TRNSSTransportation Squadron 
TRS1. Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
2. Training Squadron
2, 6
TRSSTraining Support Squadron2, 6
TRSYSTraining Systems Squadron2
TRTSTactical Reconnaissance Training Squadron1
TRW1. Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
2. Training Wing
2, 6
TSTest Squadron2, 6
TSGTanker Sustainment Group6
TSMSSTanker Systems Modernization Systems Squadron7
TSSTest Support Squadron2, 6
TSSQTest Systems Squadron6
TTTactical Training (followed by location)1
TTFTactical Training Flight1
TTGTactical Training Group1
TTPTactics, Techniques and Procedures4
TTSTactical Training Squadron1
TTWTactical Training Wing1
TUSLOGThe United States Logistics Group 
TWTest Wing2, 6
U2SFU-2 Systems Flight7
UABMTUndergraduate Airborne Battle Manager Training 
UASUnmanned Aircraft System4
UAVBUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Battlelab 
UCAVUnmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle4
UFOUltra-High Frequency Follow-On Communications Satellite 
UHFUltra-High Frequency8
UHF F/OUltra-High Frequency Follow-On Communications Satellite 
UNCUnited Nations Command1, 7
UNTUndergraduate Navigator Training 
UPTUndergraduate Pilot Training4
UQTUnit Qualification Training4
USUnited States 
USABUnited States Air Base5
USACOMUnited States Atlantic Command 
USAEDSSUnited States Atomic Energy Detection Systems Squadron7
USAFUnited States Air Force3, 4, 5, 7
USAF ACPUSAF Ammunition Control Point1
USAF ECUSAF Expeditionary Center7
USAF WPLOUnited States Air Force Water Port Logistics Office1
USAFAUnited States Air Force Academy1, 5, 7
USAFACPUSAF Ammunition Control Point7
USAFACSUSAF Controllers School1
USAFADSUnited States Air Force Demonstration Squadron1, 7
USAFADWCUSAF Air Defense Weapons Center1
USAFAGOS1. United States Air Force Air Ground Operations School
2. United States Air Force Air to Ground Operations School
1, 5
USAFAHUSAF Academy Hospital7
USAFALCENTUnited States Air Force Airlift Center1
USAFAMEDSUSAF Aerospace Medical School7
USAFAMSUSAF Air Mobility School7
USAFAMWCUSAF Air Mobility Warfare Center7
USAFAPSUSAF Academy Preparatory School7
USAFBFUnited States Air Force Band of Flight7
USAFBGWUnited States Air Force Band of the Golden West7
USAFBLUnited States Air Force Band of Liberty7
USAFBMAUnited States Air Force Band of Mid-America7
USAFBSUnited States Air Force Bandsman School5
USAFBTSUnited States Air Force Battlestaff Training School7
USAFCADSUnited States Air Force Combat Aerial Delivery School 
USAFCRSUSAF Combat Rescue School7
USAFCSUSAF Comptroller School7
USAFCSIUSAF Chaplain Service Institute7
USAFCSSOUSAF Contingency Supply Support Office7
USAFEUnited States Air Forces in Europe3, 4, 5, 7
USAFEAGOSUnited States Air Forces Europe Air Ground Operations School 
USAFE ACOMGUSAFE Air and Space Communications Group7
USAFEAPSUSAFE Air Postal Squadron7
USAFECESUSAFE Civil Engineering Squadron7
USAFECONUSAFE Contracting Squadron7
USAFECSSUSAFE Computer Systems Squadron7
USAFEISCUSAFE Inspection and Safety Center1
USAFEJSSUSAFE Joint Support Squadron7
USAFEMEFUSAFE Management Engineering Flight7
USAFEOWSUSAFE Operational Weather Squadron7
USAFEPCUSAFE Personnel Center1
USAFEPFUSAFE Printing Flight7
USAFEPRCUSAFE Personnel Readiness Center7
USAFETACUSAF Environmental Technical Applications Center1
USAFEWPCUSAFE Warrior Preparation Center7
USAFFACGUSAF Field Activity Group1
USAFFACSUSAF Field Activity Squadron1
USAFFWSUnited States Air Force Fighter Weapons School 
USAFHGUnited States Air Force Honor Guard1, 7
USAFHRCUSAF Historical Research Center1
USAFIFCUnited States Air Force Instrument Flight Center1
USAFIWSUSAF Interceptor Weapons School1, 7
USAFJADCUSAF Judiciary Area Defense Counsel7
USAFJECUSAF Judiciary European Circuit7
USAFJPCUSAF Judiciary Pacific Circuit7
USAFLANTUnited States Air Force Forces Atlantic1, 7
USAFMCUSAF Mobility Center7
USAFMTECUSAF Mobility Test and Evaluation Center7
USAFMWSHQ USAF Mobility Weapons School7
USAFOEHLUnited States Air Force Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratory1
USAFOMCUSAF Occupational Measurement Center1
USAFRGUSAF Recruiting Group1
USAFRSUnited States Air Force Recruiting Service1
USAFRSQUSAF Recruiting Squadron1
USAFSAGUSAF Special Activities Group1
USAFSAMUnited States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine1, 7, 8
USAFSASUSAF Special Activities Squadron1
USAFSAWCUnited States Air Force Special Air Warfare Center8
USAFSHCSUSAF School of Health Care Science1m 7
USAFSLAUnited States Air Force School for Latin America5
USAFSO1. United States Air Force Southern Air Division
2. United States Air Force Southern Command
USAFSOCUnited States Air Force Special Operations Center8
USAFSOFUnited States Air Force Special Operations Force1, 7
USAFSOSUnited States Air Force Special Operations School1, 8
USAFSPAUSAF Security Policy Academy1, 7
USAFSSUnited States Air Force Security Service5, 8
USAFTALCUnited States Air Force Tactical Airlift Center8
USAFTARCUnited States Air Force Tactical Air Reconnaissance Center8
USAFTAWCUnited States Air Force Tactical Air Warfare Center1, 8
USAFTFWCUnited States Air Force Tactical Fighter Weapons Center1, 8
USAFTMCPUnited States Air Force Tactical Missile Control Point1, 7
USAFTPSUnited States Air Force Test Pilot School7
USAFWCUnited States Air Force Warfare Center7
USAFWSUnited States Air Force Weapons School7
USAFWTCUnited States Air Force Weapons and Tactics Center7
USCENTAFUnited States Central Command Air Forces1, 4, 7
USCENTCOMUnited States Central Command4
USCINCCENTUnited States Commander-In-Chief, Central Command1
USCINCEURUnited States Commander-In-Chief, European Command1
USCINCSOUnited States Commander-In-Chief, Southern Command1
USCINCSOCUnited States Commander-In-Chief, Special Operations Command1
USCINCSPACEUnited States Commander-In-Chief, Space Command1
USCINCTRANSUnited States Commander-In-Chief, Transportation Command1
USEUCOMUnited States European Command4, 8
USFKUnited States Forces Korea8
USFPSUnited States Forces Police Squadron1
USJFCOMUnited States Joint Forces Command4
USKOREAUnited States Forces Korea1, 7
USMACTHAIUnited States Military Assistance Command Thailand1, 7
USMEPCOMUnited States Military Entrance Processing Command1, 7
USMTUndergraduate Space and Missile Training 
USNASUnited States Naval Air Station8
USNORTHAFUnited States Northern Command Air Forces 
USNORTHCOMUnited States Northern Command4
USPACOMUnited States Pacific Command3, 4
USREDCOMUnited States Readiness Command8
USSOCOMUnited States Special Operations Command4
USSOUTHAFUnited States Southern Command Air Forces 
USSOUTHCOMUnited States Southern Command8
USSPACEAFUnited States Space Air Forces 
USSPACECOMUnited States Space Command 
USSTAFUnited States Strategic Air Forces 
USSTRATCOMUnited States Strategic Command4
USTRANSCOMUnited States Transportation Command4
UWUnconvential Warfare4
VIPVery Important Person8
VSTOLVertical and/or Short Takeoff and Landing8
WAACSWestern Airways and Air Communications Service5
WADCWright Air Development Center 
WADDWright Air Development Division5
WADFWestern Air Defense Force 
WADSWestern Air Defense Sector7
WARWestern Audit Region7
WCWar College5
WCMRWestern Contract Mangement Region5
WCTSWeapons Controller Training Squadron1
WEGWeapons Evaluation Group1, 2, 6
WESTAFWestern Air Transport Force5
WFWeather Flight1, 6
WG1. Weather Group
2. Wing
2, 5, 6
WGWWWorld’s Greatest Wild Weasels 
WHMCWilford Hall Medical Center1
WICWeapons Instructor Course 
WIPWeapons Intern Program 
WIS JPMOWorldwide Military Command and Control Information System, Joint Program Management Office1
WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction4
WMFWeather Maintenance Group1
WMPRTWartime Manpower and Personnel Readiness Team1
WPAFBWright-Patterson Air Force Base1, 5
WPCCWright-Patterson Contracting Center1
WPSWeapons Squadron6
WPTWeapons Procedures Trainer4
WR-ALCWarner Robins Air Material Area5, 7
WRAMAWarner Robins Air Logistics Center 
WRGWeather Reconnaissance Group1
WRSWeather Reconnaissance Squadron1, 2, 6
WRWWeather Reconnaissance Wing1
WSWeather Squadron1, 2, 6
WSCWestern Service Center7
WSEGWeapons System Evaluation Group8
WSEPWeapons System Evaluation Program 
WSESWeapons System Evaluation Squadron1
WSMCWestern Space and Missile Center1
WSOWeapons System Officer8
WSSFWeapons System Security Flight1
WSTWeapons System Trainer4
WTCWeapons and Tactics Center 
WTRWestern Test Range1
WUGWeapons School Undergraduate 
WW1. Weather Wing
2. Wild Weasel
WWABNCPWorldwide Airborne Command Post8
WWMCCSWorldwide Military Command and Control System7
WWSWild Weasel Squadron1
WXGWeather Group 
YGBSMYou Gotta Be Shittin’ Me 

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