The following is a comprehensive bibliography of articles (newspaper, magazine and on-line) and publications related to USAF patch collecting. Thr articles and publications cover a wide range of topics to include, but not limited to, collecting, heraldry, lineage, organization, installations and guidance. Many of the items listed in this bibliography are available in electronic format; when available on-line, a link is provided for those items.

For publications not available on-line, many can be obtained from various booksellers. Barnes & Noble®,® and Books-A-Million® offer many of the more recent titles. Out-of-print books may be obtained from® and Alibris™. These sites allow you to search the inventories of hundreds of used, rare and collectible book sellers.

Another great source for articles and publications is your local library. While many of the books listed may be obscure titles that are not in your local library’s collection, many can be obtained via inter-library loan. This great program allows you to request books from other libraries throughout the US and have them sent to your local library for checkout. In many libraries, this program is free for any library card holder. For articles, your local library may have electronic databases available for you to obtain copies. Depending on your library, these databases may be available at home as well as in the library. Inquire with you local library about all these services.


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