By Greg Ogletree


It’s like an itch that begs a scratch

Browsing for “just one more” patch

Thousands clearly will not suffice

Condition matters … but not the price

I can’t stand a gaping hole

“Complete collection” is my goal!

Need every size and each variation

From every machine in every last nation

Vivid, subdued, or with tan desert hues

It matters little if they’re new or well-used

Shifley or multihead, merrowed or cut

I’ll take one of each ’cause I’m a rag-pickin’ nut!

The queries I’ve sent to units far and nigh

Number more than the stars in a clear night sky

Send me the schedule and I’ll try to make

Every air show and swap meet in every state

The feet may tire and the back may ache

But at dealers’ tables my time I’ll take

To search and sift and flip and ask

As I pursue my collecting task

Between the meets I’ll go online

Scrolling through lists from 6 to 9

TV watching’s now a thing of the past

And with DSL I search twice as fast!

The auction sites are really cool

Thousands of patches–yes, I’m a fool…

Up all night for an auction’s end

Counting seconds ’til my snipe I send

I’ve got it bad, just ask my spouse

She says I’m married to my PC’s mouse

I scroll and click and read a bit

It’s the only exercise I ever get!

Pardon me now while I visit eBay

To up my proxies on the auctions today

I must make sure that my bids will score

‘Cause I gotta have “just one more!”