By Lee A. Kampstad


You eagerly feel for the contents of an envelope before you open it.

The smell of bad coffee and cheap hot dogs at a collector show makes you hungry.

You remember saying “I will never pay over $50 for a patch” as you write a $300 check for a mint 1960’s USAF Air National Guard Fighter-Interceptor Squadron patch.

The tellers at the bank wonder what you do with all that cash on Friday.

The main reason you marry your third wife is because she collects insignia too.

Your house starts getting smaller and you spend more time at military shows than with your wife.

You move your clothes out of the closet to make room for insignia storage bins and binders.

Your computer hard drive capacity never has enough room for your continuing acquisitions.

You consider any rejected trade reply or out-of-stock purchase as “junk mail”.

You dread Sundays and holidays with no mail delivery.

You plan vacations around Military Shows.

You revise your budget according to postage rate increases.