Below is a comprehensive list of publications related to US Air Force and/or US Space Force patch collecting. While comprehensive, there are undoubtedly additional publications that may not be listed. If you know of any additional publications that should be listed on this page, please contact the Webmaster.

For some publications listed, especially those published by the US Government, electronic copies are available by clicking on the title, the publication image or the “Free Download” link.  For publications not available on-line, many of the publications listed include links to the author and/or publisher to aid in your search. Try contacting them directly to inquire on the availability of a particular publication. Most of the books can also be obtained through major on-line booksellers such as®, Barnes & Noble®, and Books-A-Million® to name a few. Your local bookstore may also have these items available or may be able to order them. If the book is available on® a link is provided for your convenience.

Out-of-print books may also be obtained from various on-line booksellers —® and Alibris™ allow you to search the inventories of hundreds of used, rare and collectible book sellers.  Another great source for books is your local library. While you may not be able to buy the books from your library, you can borrow to your heart’s content. If your local library does not have the item you are seeking, inquire about inter-library loan. Many libraries allow you to do an inter-library search and request on-line. Contact your local library for details.

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