Edited by Charles A. Ravenstein
Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1984
ISBN: 0912799129, 978-0912799124
Hardcover and PDF, 341 pages


Webmaster Review

This book contain the lineage, honors and approved emblem information for Air Force combat wings active from 1947-1977.  For each emblem the book provides the blazon (heraldic description) and the organization’s motto with translation. Unfortunately, there are two shortcomings in regards to emblems: 1) it does not include emblem significance statements and 2) the it only shows the organization’s approved emblem as of 1961 and does not depict previous emblems. Regardless of these issues, this is a must have for the USAF patch collector’s or organizational history buff’s reference shelf. (Note – There are four other companion books that follow the same format: Combat Squadrons of the Air Force in World War II, Air Force Combat Units of World War II, Active USAF Wings as of 1 October 1995 and USAF Active Flying, Space and Missile Squadron as of 1 October 1995.)