Air Force Radar Patches

Air Force Radar Patches Volume 1: Fixed Sites

By Gregory W. Ogletree
Lompoc, CA: Garreteer Press, 2003
ISBN: none
178 pages
Out of print (spiralbound), electronic edition Adobe Acrobat File available here for FREE!

From the Author

Includes all known patches or emblems officially approved for USAF Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons and Radar Squadrons. Contains over 300 full-size, black and white illustrations with official dates of approval and site locations. Handy appendices identify patches by mottoes and list motto translations.

Website Review

Rating - 4 Stars

Another well-researched work by Greg Ogletree and a must-have reference work for radar patch collectors.  Greg meticulously reviewed thousands of pages of reference material to provide a one-stop reference for officially approved Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons and Radar Squadrons to include approval dates, locations, motto translations and active periods for each unit.  It follows the basic format used by numerous other reference works with black and white copies of the patches on each page.  Unlike Air Force Missile Patches however, this volume covers does not provide full descriptions of each patch. If you don’t have a copy of this book, be sure to download a free copy, courtesy of Greg Ogletree, above! . — Webmaster