The Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to United States Air Force Pocket/Shoulder Insignia Series

by Jerome Polder
Wichita Falls, TX: Aeroemblem Publications Ltd.

Volume 1 - Units Numbered 1 to 40
ISBN: 0961545607, 978-0961545604
Hardcover and spiralbound, 239 pages

Volume 2 - Units Numbered 41 to 130
ISBN:0961545615, 978-0961545611
Hardcover and Spiralbound, 233 pages

Volume 3 - Units Numbered 131 to 410
Hardcover and Spiralbound, 238 pages

Volume 4 - Units Numbered 411 to 703
ISBN: 096154564X
Hardcover and Spiralbound, 238 pages

Volume 5 - Units Numbered 704 to 4042
ISBN: 0961545658, 978-0961545659
Hardcover and Spiralbound, 234 pages

Volume 6 - Units Numbered 4043 to End
ISBN: 0961545666
Hardcover and Spiralbound, 168 pages

Insignia of the Persian Gulf
ISBN: 0961545682
Softcover, 68 pages

Supplement 1 - Patches not shown in Volume 1
ISBN: 0961545690
Hardcover and Spiralbound, 230 pages

Insignia of the F-16 Fighting Falcon Swirls
ISBN: none
Softover, 5 pages

Insignia of the Phabulous F-4 Phantom
ISBN: none
Softcover, 5 pages

Pizzas, Gaggles & Wing Kings Volume 1 (Units Numbered 1 to 99)
ISBN: none
Spiralbound, 174 pages

Pizzas, Gaggles & Wing Kings Volume 2 (Units Numbered 100 to End, A-Z)
ISBN: none
Spiralbound, 164 pages

F-15 Eagle Swirls
ISBN: none
Spiralbound, 66 pages

Volumes 1-6, From the Publisher

"This book series has already become THE AUTHORITY on USAF patches, and continues to gain wider acceptance each day. They have been bought and are utilized by such organizations as the USAF Simpson Historical Research Center of Air University, the Smithsonian Institute, the U.S. Army Department of Heraldry, and even the Library of the C.I.A. The illustrated guides each contain roughly 1,350 USAF insignia pictured in black and white. Insignia are laid out numerically and alphabetically, with an average of six per page."

Insignia of the Persian Gulf From the Publisher

"325 patches in full color plus historical text lifted directly from the DoD Report to Congress on the Gulf War. Contains very extensive listing of units that participated in the Persian Gulf War, or have rotated in and out of the "sand box" area since. This is the most informational data on Air Force unit participation published to date."