United States Air Force Unit Designations Since 1978

by Brian Rogers
Hinckley, England: Midland Publishing Limited, 2006
ISBN: 1857801970, 978-1857801972
Softcover, 260 pages

From the Publisher

“This is designed to help aviation historians, photographers, enthusiasts, and history buffs correctly identify the units to which Air Force aircraft have been assigned. Since 1978, the Air Force has been substantially reduced in size and has undergone dramatic reorganizations at every level. These changes in size and organization have been reflected in the Air Force’s aircraft and units. Though many aircraft have been retired, units inactivated, and bases closed, the aircraft remaining in service provide a very visible reflection of the restructuring. Many aircraft now wear the insignia of newly-formed major commands, revised tail markings and paint schemes reflecting the assignment of their units to new commands. Still other aircraft, though remaining at the same base and operated by the same crews, carry new markings as the ‘flags’ of illustrious units displaced by base closures replaced existing units. This book has three major sections. First are 14 ‘chapters’ containing tables covering every USAF wing, group, squadron, and detachment that was active and had assigned aircraft at any time between 30 April 1978 and 1 October 2002. Second is an index of aircraft markings, and then a chronology of major events in this reorganization.”