World War II US Made, Fully Machine-Embroidered, Cut Edge, Shoulder Sleeve Insignia and How They Were Manufactured: A Collector’s Guide

By Hans De Bree
Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2013
ISBN: 0764343556, 978-0764343551
Hardcover, 320 pages

From the Publisher

“This highly detailed reference book is for both novice and experienced collectors, and is focused on the World War II U.S.-made, fully machine-embroidered, cut edge shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI). It provides guidelines that can be considered when determining whether a SSI is original World War II era manufactured or not. Also, the differences in SSI manufacturing are explained in such way as to create a timeline in a patch collection. Knowing these details will add to the personal value of a collection and make it much more than simply just having a group of patches. In addition, the book will help collectors avoid spending money on something that is not what it seems: copies; reproductions of World War I, Interwar, or World War II SSIs; and post-World War II SSIs. This information will add to the experience one builds as a collector and historian.”