All of the patches and other items in the Shop are available for trade. Here are my patch terms:

  1. I only trade for USAF or US Space Force patches.
  2. I trade 1 for 1 with exceptions for a higher value ($20 or higher) or harder to find patch.  For those cases, I’ll consider multiples for 1.

To initiate a trade proposal, please go to the Shop and add the items you would like in the Cart. Once you’ve selected all of the patches you are interested in, proceed to Checkout. On the checkout page, instead of paying via Paypal or credit card, choose “Trade” and complete the checkout. The patches you selected will then be placed on hold.

After checkout, I will contact you with a request for your trade list. Once the trade has been agreed to, unless I initiated the trade, you will put your trades in the mail to the address I provide you. Upon receipt of the patch(es), I will send my trades in the mail. If the patches are not received within 15 (US residents) or 45 days (people outside of the US) of the trade agreement, the order will be canceled and the patches will return to the store inventory.